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Saturday, June 3, 2023
WorldEuropeAfter 'Micron' ban, 'chip war' rages between America and China

After ‘Micron’ ban, ‘chip war’ rages between America and China


Commenting on this development, Chinese journalist Fayhaa Wang Chen told Sky News Arabia that the only condition for Beijing to end this dispute in the field of electronic chips, known as semiconductors, is “the opening of continuous negotiations between the two sides to achieve a balance between their interests to protect the stability of the economy.

Chinese ban

المعتاد خلال السنوات الأخيرة أن تأتي العقوبات الخاصة بصناعة ئق من الطرف الأميركي ضد الصين، إلا أنه يوم الأحد، أبلغت الحكومة الص الحاسبات، التي توصف بالحساسة، بالتوقف عن شراء ا لمنتجات من شركة “ميكرون تكنولوجي” ي UNITED STATES.

China’s Cyberspace Administration said Micron’s products pose “serious network security risks” that threaten China’s information infrastructure and affect national security.

Washington responded that it would work with allies to address the “distortion in memory chip markets due to China’s actions.”

Who started the “flea war”?

China’s halt in purchases of products from the American company “Micron” is a natural response to the restrictions imposed on it by Western countries, according to Fayhaa’s statement.

Last year, the administration of US President Joe Biden imposed a series of restrictions on China, including a measure to block its access to chips made using US technology anywhere in the world. According to Fayhaa, his country is not the party that started the chip war, but rather the United States, Europe and Japan are trying to limit China’s access to the advanced chip industry. and other technologies. The whole world benefits from the development of the chip industry in China, and the globe has a common destiny, and the trading waters that will harm everyone should not be generalized, according to Chinese media expression.

What are fleas?

Chips (semiconductors) are small pieces of technology essential to power electronic devices, including weapons and military technology. The value of this industry is over $580 billion, but this figure does not reflect the importance of these chips to the global economy, as their presence supports trillions of dollars worth of goods and operations, and without them , the global economy will come to a standstill. More than 90% of the world’s semiconductors are made in Taiwan, an ally of the United States, whose relations with Beijing are in serious crisis.

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