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Saturday, June 3, 2023
WorldAsiaAfter the F-16, here is the West's plan to strengthen the protection...

After the F-16, here is the West’s plan to strengthen the protection of Ukraine


Along with the West’s approval of Kiev’s acquisition of “F-16” aircraft, and in the midst of this race, Western reports have said that Western allies are developing a strategic vision to strengthen Ukraine’s defenses, inspired by this Israeli security model, as this plan will be called the “Kiev Security Pact”.

What is Ukraine doing to strengthen its army?

The Ukrainian military launched a massive recruitment drive for the counterattack this summer, according to the Wall Street Journal.

And the American newspaper specifies, Monday, that Kyiv has about twenty brigades (from 3,000 to 5,000 soldiers) that it trains to penetrate the Russian lines and restore the land.

Ukraine also created a new military battalion called “Artan”, consisting of:

Civilians who have never gone to war with the aim of making them into elite special forces. They will be on the front line of a possible Ukrainian counter-attack. Their tasks are to break through the ranks of the Russians in order to retake the lands of Moscow. The unit was formed last summer from 70 members and currently has 350 soldiers. 20% of them have military experience, and some of these are their first military assignments. Under the supervision of Ukrainian military intelligence. She is trained in all martial arts and equipped with advanced western weaponry. Prior to enlistment, the recruit undergoes lie detector and physical fitness tests.

During the winter, Kiev launched a massive recruitment campaign in the country with the aim of including around 40,000 recruits and volunteers to form 12 new battalions in order to launch its counterattack and restore its lands.

It has also acquired advanced Western weapons, including British, German and American tanks and missiles, and is in the process of obtaining F-16 aircraft.

According to observers, the “Artan” battalion began its work, citing Russian talk about cross-border incursions carried out by “saboteurs” from Ukraine.

Kiev Security Pact

At the same level, Western leaders are studying a strategic vision to strengthen Ukrainian defenses, inspired by the Israeli security model.

Polish President Andrzej Duda told the Wall Street Journal on Monday that a security deal for Ukraine based on the Israeli model would prioritize arms and advanced technology transfers to Kyiv.

Duda added: “This concept is now gaining momentum among Western countries and will be on the agenda of the NATO summit to be held next July in Lithuania.”

The newspaper quoted Western officials as saying that this agreement:

It is known as the “Kyiv Security Pact” and is expected to be signed right after the NATO summit. Linked to Ukraine’s future membership in NATO without the latter being a party to a conflict with Russia. He will not be involved in any settlement process between Moscow and Kiev. America will be the main guarantor of the security apparatus, with the participation of the Europeans.

In September 2022, Ukraine applied to join NATO, but Moscow said this trend was one of the reasons for the war.

Russia is getting ready

On the other hand, in anticipation of a possible Ukrainian attack, Moscow has launched a massive recruitment campaign in recent months.

Earlier this week, he announced that 117,400 soldiers and volunteers had joined the ranks of his army, in addition to bolstering his forces with advanced weapons, air defenses and logistical supply lines, especially in areas where he controlled in eastern Ukraine.

According to the report by the UK’s Royal United Services Institute, Ukraine will now face significant tactical challenges in its counter-offensive.

The Russian military has also recently been able to identify its shortcomings and develop its strategies so that its units become more coordinated and able to deal with threats.

He also introduced many improvements to the various branches of his forces, including:

Engineering units. Tank brigades and artillery. Air defenses. Electronic warfare systems. Russian infantry forces have been able to deal with war situations to become more effective, according to the American magazine Newsweek.

On the Kiev security pact and its membership in NATO, the American military expert John Dennis asserts that the admission of Ukraine into the Western alliance will thwart the political settlement of its crisis, confirm the correctness of the Moscow’s approach and undermine the principles of the alliance, just as Ukraine is not politically ready at the moment.

He added: “Ukrainian forces are unlikely to defeat the Russian army and force Moscow to surrender. A political agreement is the most likely way to end this war.

As for the Russian military analyst Vladimir Igor, he asserts that the United States wants the conflict to continue even indefinitely.

He added to “Sky News Arabia” that the Ukrainian counterattack is full of dangers for the West and its chances of success are decreasing day by day, so the West is pumping out the greatest amount of weapons for make the situation worse.

Regarding the West’s inspiration for the Israeli security model, he continues: “The West wants to legitimize massive military aid to Ukraine and to wage a hybrid war against Moscow, and Ukraine’s membership means that the Kiev regime will not give up trying to return the lost lands, so that we will be in front of article five of the NATO treaty, and at that time we will face a war.” Third World .

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