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Friday, June 2, 2023
NewsCrowd of women in Gaza to learn the craft of weaving knots

Crowd of women in Gaza to learn the craft of weaving knots


The art of macrame, as it is known in the Gaza Strip, is one of the ancient crafts that relies on thread systems and knits them tightly and elegantly, to create different patterns with an aesthetic look.

And at present, macrame has come back in force as an elegant decorative element to decorate homes and private places to sell decorations and decorative pieces in the light of many people’s trend for simple, comfortable and appealing to the eyes.

About 7 years ago, Samar, a Fine Arts graduate, started promoting the art of knot weaving, called macrame here in the Gaza Strip.

It is one of the ancient crafts that appeared among Arab weavers in the 13th century.

Through this place, which Samar called “Craft Studio”, she decided to revive this art among the women of Gaza, having managed to attract them through the different and attractive designs she produced.

Samar Al-Ghoul, owner of a craft workshop for making macrame, says: “The business increased in 2021, and there was a demand for it. People wanted to learn, so I didn’t have more room at home. People wanted products, and I couldn’t produce myself, especially since I work in decoration and education.”

And she added: “At that time I decided to get out of the house and go to a place close to the people in the city center to open a big store to teach and attract others to teach with me, to produce and to attract others to produce. with me.”

And because busy hands keep a calm mind, many girls and mothers in Gaza have found a valuable opportunity to learn this art, which manually relies on yarn systems and knitting knots to form various macrames characterized by the delicacy, simplicity and aesthetic appearance, which gives them the ability to release psychological pressure and master a trade that can provide them with a financial return.

For her part, Asmaa Al-Dahdouh, who is trained in making macramé, said: “First, you have to have artistic inclinations, that is, no one will hold the threads and get tired he does not have these inclinations. Secondly, this craft can be seen as an entrance to psychological discharge, especially since women always feel the pressure of home, wars and children, so children’s sleeping time can be used to do these things and get financial income.

As for Ghadeer Al-Harazin, another macramé trainee, she says: “I love crafts in general, and it is possible for me to create my own page. I think about it, but in the future.

Knot weaving is one of the handicrafts that decorate homes and weave carpets, curtains, frames, handbags, necklaces and simple dresses.

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