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Thursday, June 1, 2023
NewsNature Sustainability has warned that a fifth of the world's population will...

Nature Sustainability has warned that a fifth of the world’s population will be exposed to dangerous heat by 2100


Exeter and Nanjing scientists have come to the conclusion that 2100 could be the most dangerous year when it comes to climate change, gradually reducing to abnormal heat.

Global warming is not receding today. Scientists continue to remind that before 2100 it is necessary to take all measures to avoid the consequences of hot weather.

Exposure to hazardous temperatures can cause drought, drying up existing rivers and lakes. The animal world is in danger of being replaced by habitat. That is, living beings, not understanding the cause of the heat, will begin to move by land and air in search of more suitable places to live.

The heat will touch people. It will be especially difficult for hypertensive patients, cores. Plus, we must not forget about the numerous fires.

According to preliminary data, the overall warming by the end of the century will be 2.7 degrees above the norm, which is very significant. The world’s population is in danger of shrinking. Writes about it TASS with reference to the journal Nature Sustainability.

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