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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
News"YouTube" is a way for Moroccan artists to profit... and avoid marginalization

“YouTube” is a way for Moroccan artists to profit… and avoid marginalization


In a short time, the “Naima Dicolas” videos were able to achieve high viewership ratings on “YouTube” after attracting over 170,000 subscribers, before temporarily stopping filming new episodes due to a dispute with the chain supervisor.

Entering the world of “YouTube”, Bouhamala joins the list of Moroccan artists who have chosen to communicate with the public through social networking sites for various reasons.

Communicate with the public

The artist, Naima Bouhamala, is one of the veteran artists, who was known for her spontaneity and spontaneity, and was famous for her interpretation of comic roles that brought laughter to the faces of Moroccans.

Naima Bouhamala explains that the purpose behind her creation of a channel on the “YouTube” platform was to maintain communication links with the public, who constantly express their desire to see her in new and different works.

Bouhamala added to Sky News Arabia that the artist cannot ignore the important role communication sites play in communicating and interacting with the public given the scarcity of artistic performances.

The Moroccan artist points out that her access to the world of “YouTube” was not for the purpose of financial gain, but rather to provide meaningful comic content corresponding to her artistic status and professional background in recent years. .

Bu Hamala said she was about to launch a new YouTube channel to communicate with her followers, following a dispute between her and her channel manager after he refused to provide her with an email and a password.

Miscellaneous content

A number of Moroccan actresses have already chosen to go on YouTube, and the content they offer varies between discussing social topics, sharing details of their daily life with fans or providing cooking recipes, and among these artists:

Artist and director Sana Akroud, famous for the characters “Al-Duwaiba” and “Rommana”, and who created a channel on “YouTube” to share with her 197,000 subscribers social topics and stories of life experiences in a calm voice and smooth style. Actress Hoda Sedky is one of the most successful artists on the YouTube platform, with more than a million subscribers following her, she shares with them recipes from Moroccan and international cuisine, as well as some details of his daily life. Actress Narges Hallaq has launched a channel on the global platform with 442,000 subscribers, who follow the details of her life between Morocco and Canada and scenes from her daily life. The artist, Donia Boutazot, who became famous in the comic series “Kabour and Chaibiya” and is considered among the most present artists on the artistic scene in recent years.

Mixed reasons

A number of followers of artistic affairs in Morocco describe the constitution of a group of female artists for private channels on the platform famous for the health phenomenon, provided that the commitment is to share meaningful and useful content.

The art and film critic, Mostafa Al-Talib, considers that financial profit is one of the reasons that can push the artist to enter the world of “YouTube”, especially in light of the limited artistic performances and difficult financial conditions that some artists live in.

And the student adds, in a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, that the skill and professional qualifications enjoyed by the artist are also among the reasons that encourage him to enter the world of content creation.

And he continues that social networking sites, including the “YouTube” platform, have begun to impose themselves on artists wishing to broaden the public base and avoid marginalization.

Art criticism insists on the need for women artists to be committed to publishing content commensurate with their professional career and their artistic balance, and to try to distance themselves from the industry of “the ‘insignificance’.

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