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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Constantly having to talk to daughter after TikTok misconceptions – ‘I gained 50 pounds of clothes’


Gunnar Wium, construction teacher and podcast host, had dropped to 50 pounds after heavy cocaine use in the worst hit. Gunnar, who is the latest guest on Sölva Tryggvason’s podcast, describes a certain life-changing incident shortly after he got sober, completely drained of body and soul:

“What happens to me three weeks after I stopped using it in 2016 is something that I can’t really explain properly. I’ve been set back from all of those things and really was a complete wreck both physically and mentally. My musculoskeletal system was messed up and I had splintered wounds all over my body and more I was told I had to start practicing chanting and meditation I started with that and for me the mantra was primarily the breath. I had been doing this for a few weeks when I sit there in great agony and my limbs start to go numb. Then I start feeling all the sensations differently and everything gets heavy in my body and that’s as if everything was paralyzed. Then I started to feel my distance from people in space as infinite, but at the same time I was completely one with them all. Then waves of light energy came over me which strike and are synchronized with the breath, which eventually causes me to swell and pull on threads of silk and disappear into a state of ecstasy. Then the event ends and I slowly come back from that and slowly recover my body. But then there was an inexplicable healing and I came out a completely new person and felt like I was whole. From there, I started to forgive myself and life changed completely.”

Gunnar went to the end of his consumption before succeeding in turning his life around. today he is sober and has completely changed his life:

“I used alcohol to numb myself for years and ended up always having to pay with huge interest after every binge. Ultimately, it forces you to switch to new substances, and that’s That’s how cocaine came into my life. Cocaine really worked for me, although in reality it’s a very bad substance in every way and the effects aren’t even good. It was usually the most exciting time when I was waiting for the dealer and maybe the first few minutes after learning about the material. But this subject ended up completely boring me. I remember when I was starting my first real sobriety in 2005, I was weighed and I weighed 50 pounds in clothes! This illustrates the strength of this substance, cocaine, and where it can take you. The total ego madness where you lose sight of everything and stop eating and sleeping for months in a row.”

Says Gunnar and continues:

“I also abused THC for many years which added to the depression which led to my first diagnosis of bipolar. I ended up taking SSRIs for a few years which at my opinion, was rubbish and did nothing good for me. It wasn’t until 2016 that I quit completely and managed to turn it all around.”

Gunnar says people’s addictions today are not limited to alcohol or drugs. A large portion of people are in addictive patterns when it comes to food, social media, phone use, and all sorts of comparisons:

“I have to constantly talk my daughter out of the misconceptions she gets from TikTok. You have to be extremely vigilant in these times and I only see the effect it has on my daughter if it’s not constantly corrected. Then, we adults also have all sorts of misconceptions about the way things should be both parties have to work full time even if there are four kids the house has to be awesome then you go to Tene and everyone has the latest news and then there are tantra festivals and ceremonies with stunning content on weekends etc.. Meanwhile our kids are just nanny surfing the internet I know that I may be a little judgmental saying this, but we need to wake up and take care of our children.”

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