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Sunday, May 28, 2023
NewsDeepFake Fraudster Nearly Cost Chinese Victim $600,000

DeepFake Fraudster Nearly Cost Chinese Victim $600,000


The attacker used artificial intelligence technology to pose as a friend of the victim via a video call, asking him for some money, and the victim transferred about 4.3 million yuan (614, 8 thousand dollars) to the fraudster, via his bank account, and after discovering the affair, he called the police.

In turn, the police ordered the bank to stop the transfer process, and the victim was able to recover part of the amount of 3.4 million yuan (485.4 thousand dollars), and the identity of the fraudster has not yet been established.

And Beijing had issued a law last January regulating the use of “deepfake” technology, and these laws define deep forgery as the use of techniques such as deep learning and augmented reality, to create text, images, audio and video, and create virtual scenarios. .

China’s top internet regulator has long feared that the unsupervised development and use of deepfake technology could lead to it being used for criminal activities such as online scams or defamation.

Chinese regulations, introduced jointly by the Cyberspace Administration of China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Public Security, stipulate that videos and photos captured using deepfakes must be “clearly labelled” to avoid public confusion.

Previously, regulation of deepfakes was prevalent in several jurisdictions, but the move to implement stand-alone regulation shows that China is keen to curb the rapid development of the technology and the regulatory challenges it faces.

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