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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
NewsDon't feel the pain. Sayeda Begin Nader opens the door to the...

Don’t feel the pain. Sayeda Begin Nader opens the door to the development of miraculous painkillers


Jo Cameron is one of only two known people in the world who carry a unique gene that allows her to live without anxiety, fear or physical pain.

Scientists have begun studying Cameron’s case in hopes of uncovering the mechanisms behind this rare mutation and boosting hopes of making improved painkillers.

Professor James Cox, from University College London, said: “Discovering the genetic root of Cameron’s haplotype was a very exciting moment. Current discoveries will be a springboard for further research.

“By carefully understanding what is happening at the molecular level, we can begin to understand the biology involved, and this opens up possibilities for discovering drugs that could one day have far-reaching positive effects for patients,” Cox added in the study, the results of which were published in the medical journal “Brain”. .

Cameron, 74, lives in Whitebridge with her husband, Jim. After hip and hand operations, doctors noted she had no pain, which is an unusual response to such medical procedures.

Although she was diagnosed with severe hip joint degeneration, Cameron did not feel any pain, according to science news site Studyfinds.

Cameron said his discovery came when a team from University College London in 2013 identified a genetic variant called FAAH-OUT, which disables natural release and affects other molecular pathways related to wound healing and to the mood.

On the significance of Cameron’s case, the study’s lead author, Dr Andrei Okorukov, said: “The FAAH-OUT gene is just a small town on a vast continent, and this study is starting to As scientists, it is our duty to explore, and I believe these findings will have important implications in areas of research such as wound healing, depression, and more.

The medical condition, known as congenital analgesia, can be serious as the pain serves as a warning signal.

However, doctors say Cameron recovers faster than the average person, and her unique genetic makeup makes her less anxious and somewhat forgetful.

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