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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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habitually forced


Pakistan itself is a stubborn Gopal but does not desist from conspiring to harass India. Still the widow laments that India does not speak to her. The country with so many contradictory tendencies can only be Pakistan.

In fact, when the G-20 countries’ conference to discuss tourism and film started in Kashmir on Tuesday, Pakistani drones appeared on the international border five times in the last 4 days, which were shot down by Indian security forces. Pakistan is such a mischievous country that it wants to show the representatives of G-20 countries that there is unrest and discontent in Kashmir. Pakistan wants to create a situation in Kashmir in such a way that it helps in spreading bad propaganda about the region in foreign countries as well. The truth of Kashmir is that both external and internal terrorists are being eliminated there. The gangsters are also battered along with the terrorist gang. Stone pelting has stopped. The youth are looking for their future and opportunities. They are not going to be misled by Pakistan.

Pakistan is like a dog’s tail. The way a cow’s tail is caressed with oil or ghee or bitumen is wrapped on it, it will remain crooked. In the same way, Pakistan keeps giving clarifications all over the world that it is itself a victim of terrorism, but Pakistan, involved in unrest and terrorist activities in India, never gives a direct answer to the fact that it is setting aside money in the military budget to spread terror in India. Why does provision from? Criticizing India in the world community by smooth-talking that New Delhi is not willing to talk about the problem of Kashmir, but the reality is that Muslim countries, America and European countries have also understood that they want India Uses his resources to harass. Many times after coming in the watch list of IFTF, the wisdom of Pakistan, which was released after warning, did not come to its place. It seems that Pakistan will go on the brink of ruin by doing Kashmir-Kashmir. (sp)

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