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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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The talk show drama that brought Britain to its knees – A disowned brother, an undermined colleague and a cold goodbye


The UK was nervous last week due to the morning show This Morning. First, there were reports that behind the scenes, the show’s hosts, Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield, were arguing, even though on TV everything seemed to be fine. They co-hosted the show for 13 years, and the shows air on ITV, which is one of the biggest TV channels in the UK apart from the BBC.

Astute viewers have recently noticed that the hosts are no longer making eye contact. They touched less and despite the fact that they smiled in front of the cameras, you could obviously feel the coldness between them.

It was announced on Saturday that Philip was leaving the show, after two decades on the job, but the announcement indicated that the past few days had been difficult for him.

Pushing forward in line, Philip disowned his brother

Holly and Philip have long been known to get along exceptionally well as presenters, and often have videos of them laughing on the internet. They succeeded in arousing the interest of the public and the viewing figures spoke for themselves.

It was in September of last year that Siga went down on the side of misfortune. Then they were criticized for visiting Queen Elizabeth’s coffin and facing a line of mourners, many of whom had waited hours to see the coffin. It can be said that after that the peace was over and the public started to pay attention to the presenters and the media reacted to the negative interest by publishing news after news about everything that unfortunately happened around them.

Rumors have swirled about Philip dating in 2020, as well as rumors about his relationship with his wife, but they are divorced but still legally married and don’t seem to be in a rush to finalize the divorce. Then it all came to a head in September last year when Philip was accused of assaulting a young drama student. Audiences gasped that the man, who just two years earlier had been hailed a hero for opening up about his sexuality, had in fact been a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Rumors spread that Philip had apparently hastily decided to publicly come out of the closet because he knew a scandal was brewing. Mathew McGreevy, an 18-year-old drama student, was invited to the This Morning studio to find out more about the job. It happened in 2014. He was then hired there as an intruder and spent a lot of time with Philip, and the story goes that they had a sexual relationship. They then argued and McGreevy threatened to expose their relationship to the media.
Adding insult to injury, in April Philip’s brother was found guilty of sexually abusing a boy, and the story goes that Holly wasn’t happy Philip didn’t warn her. before the case is aired in the media. Philip released a statement about it denying his brother.

“These are heinous offenses and I welcome the conviction. As for me, I no longer have a brother.”

Philip had taken some time off during the trial in the case, which seemed kind of thoughtful of him, as there’s a saying in the UK media industry that big fans should never go on holiday because then there’s has a risk that their replacement will be more popular. And those concerns weren’t unfounded as the public loved Alison Hammond who was among Philips’ replacements and called for her permanent appointment because she and Holly worked so well together. It is believed that Philip took the call badly and his relationship with Holly cooled considerably as a result. Nonetheless, Philip has publicly stated that Holly has been an invaluable support to him through difficult times and that they are best friends and she is his pillar of strength.

Unexplained ailments weigh down the bill

Loud stories about the hosts’ alleged bickering continued. Philip then issued a statement admitting that the last few weeks had been difficult. This statement took Holly by surprise, but to date she has not spoken publicly about her alleged feud with Philip. This did not prevent the media from publishing accounts from anonymous sources. He said Holly approached the show’s producers and announced that she was not opposed to continuing to work on it without Philips. Holly also changed her profile on Twitter, removing a reference to her colleague.

It was generally understood that this duo was over and they could not continue working together. Then we looked at their ages, but Holly is just over forty, while Philip is over seventy. Although for the most part it is only natural for the main host to step down to calm the waves. Media such as The Sun reported a drop in viewership figures which could be attributed to the fact that the relationship between the presenters had deteriorated. Philip announced over the weekend that he had decided to step down after ITV informed him and Holly that the situation had become untenable.

“I’ve always prided myself on covering compelling stories on This Morning. But recently, This Morning has become history. Throughout my television career – including these difficult last days – I have done my best to be honest and kind. I understand that ITV has decided that the current situation cannot continue, and I want to do what I can to protect the show I love. So I have decided to step down from This Morning with immediate effect in the hope that the series has a bright future ahead of it. I want to thank everyone who has supported me – especially the wonderful viewers of This Morning – and I will see you all at the Soap Awards next month .”

Holly released a statement after Philip revealed his decision, which netizens and others called extremely impersonal and cold.

“Hi everyone. I’ve been hosting This Morning for over 13 years with Phil and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him for all his wisdom, experience and humor. This couch won’t be the same without him. ”

Possible explanation found

The media have now sought an explanation for the disagreement and the Daily Mail believed they had found the answer. On International Women’s Day this year, Holly only wanted female guests on the show, and that she would be the one hosting. She got it approved by her boss. However, Philip reacted angrily and approached the boss’ boss to overturn the decision. The episode then progressed in such a way that Holly started out alone for a short while, but then Philip joined. Holly is said to be furious about it. Philip would have undermined her and their boss.

After that, Holly realized that the time had come for her to stop standing in Philip’s shadow, and now she will undoubtedly succeed in her mission, since Philip has disappeared.

The first episode without Philips aired on Monday, but Holly was on vacation. There were 30 seconds devoted to saying goodbye to Philip, which many found rather odd. Viewers also noticed that Holly and Philip had been cut from the episodes’ opening credits and their names no longer appeared in the episode title. What that means probably remains to be seen.

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