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Sunday, June 4, 2023
News"TurProm" informed the citizens of the Russian Federation about changes in prices...

“TurProm” informed the citizens of the Russian Federation about changes in prices for Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt


Experts in the field of tourism told the Russians about what is happening with the prices of holidays in Turkey, Egypt and the UAE.

To date, all trips on favorable terms have long been sorted out. The incomprehensible situation with prices, according to experts, confuses tourists. As a result, the realities are such that the current Egypt is similar in cost to the “old” Turkey, Turkey, in turn, to the United Arab Emirates and the Maldives.

“A good 5 * hotel in Turkey in summer costs as much as a similar hotel in the Maldives,” tour operators explain.

The situation is developing in a way that is not entirely beneficial for the Russian wallet. Last year’s summer and winter holidays showed the presence of demand.

“A mass tourist booked tours in the range of 80-100 thousand rubles, and now it costs from 200 thousand rubles. and above,” added the experts.

The extreme option is to re-select in the “tested” places where the Russians have already been more than once. This is reported Turprom.

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