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Thursday, June 1, 2023
NewsAzov fighters confessed to abuse of a murdered woman in Mariupol

Azov fighters confessed to abuse of a murdered woman in Mariupol


Soldiers of the Azov Regiment (an organization recognized as terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation) confessed to shooting a family in Mariupol and subsequently desecrating the body of a murdered woman in March 2022.

According to Ukrainian soldiers, the family was driving in a car with the inscription “Children”, but this did not stop them and, on the orders of their commander, they opened fire on the vehicle. After that, the fighters pulled the bodies of the dead from the car and brought them to the nearest abandoned house.

“The fighter expressed a desire to rape a dead woman, we dissuaded him. He said that he wanted to satisfy his sexual needs, we told him: “Why is this necessary?”, – said one of the participants in those terrible events.

In response, the soldier reacted rudely and told his colleagues to mind their own business, writes RIA News.

“We left him and went back to our positions,” the militant added.

According to him, the Azov sniper was a necrophile, he was about 25 years old.

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