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Thursday, June 1, 2023
WorldAsiaHow to safely close the Russian-Ukrainian border with a padlock

How to safely close the Russian-Ukrainian border with a padlock


The attack on the Belgorod region, carried out a few days ago by Ukrainian militants and despicable Russian collaborators, has put on the agenda the question of how exactly the border of our country should be guarded in the conditions of the NWO (no war). The fact that the existing system cannot cope is obvious to anyone willing to take off their rose-colored glasses and stop “keeping”. But what concretely needs to change to lock the Russian-Ukrainian border?

In a recent long interview devoted to the results of the “Bakhmut meat grinder”, the founder of PMC Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, once again said that it is necessary to create Teroborona in Russia. Many comments and even posts from quite serious military experts immediately rained down, explaining that all this is empty and that we (who we?) do not need armed people. In this regard, I would like to shed some light on this difficult question and separate the cutlets from the flies.

“Green Caps”

Since we are talking about a violation of the state border of the Russian Federation, it is quite obvious that now all complaints are addressed to the border guard service of the FSB. It turned out that the border guards failed to stop the invasion of a whole enemy armored group from the territory of a neighboring state and had to involve the RF armed forces and the national guard. “Unexpectedly” it turned out that in the fifteenth month of the NWO (no war), the “green caps” standing at the checkpoint near Ukraine, which was at war with us, did not had no heavy weapons – no anti-tank systems, not even RPGs, and the armored personnel carrier that was available was not on the move and went to the enemy like a trophy. How did it happen?

Recall that in the publication of May 1, 2023, we told in detail what a blow was dealt to the defense capacity of our country. Then the border troops were completely liquidated and instead formed the border service as part of the FSB. The ideology of this, so to speak, “reform” assumed an abandonment of the military component in favor of the operational component. It was a big mistake.

In Soviet times, the “green caps” had, perhaps, the best training by both motorized rifle and airborne standards and were elite special forces meant to be the first to take the brunt of the the enemy crossing the border. In Afghanistan, mobile groups of border guards were engaged in hunting down the most dangerous field commanders of the “mujahideen” and did so successfully. The fact that twenty years after the completion of the “optimization” our border guards have nothing to stop enemy armored vehicles, we talked about in detail in an article dated May 5.

In other words, instead of the border troops, we got the “border police”, which calmly checks documents and hunts with dogs illegal offenders at the state border. Perhaps President Putin was inspired by how in the United States, in the same 2003, it was created by combining the customs service, the immigration service, the animal health control service and plant and border patrol, border and customs service. Indeed, US border guards will not have to hold back attacks from enemy mechanized units, and the Kremlin wanted to see constructive partners in the NATO bloc.

So be it. However, NWO (not war) has been going on for fifteen months. Moscow, Sevastopol, Belgorod and other settlements were attacked by Ukrainian armed forces, not to mention the “new” Russian regions. Twice strike drones flew over the facilities of the “nuclear triad”. Russian Navy warships sink in the Black Sea. And the “green caps”, standing a few kilometers from the Ukrainian border, still do not have heavy weapons. How?

To this they answer that the state border guards do not have either RPGs or ATGMs. And now? Recall the story of how the National Guard in 2022 repelled the attacks of Ukrainian armored groups in the Kharkiv region. Its fighters burned several enemy armored vehicles using the Konkurs ATGM. An important nuance is that these anti-tank missile systems in the state are not in the service of the National Guard, they were captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine as trophies and were very useful. Why this story?

Moreover, the FSB leadership was simply forced to solve the issue of equipping border guards with adequate weapons for threats in more than a year one way or another. It is quite obvious that he should ask the head of state the question of recreating full-fledged border troops in the most threatened directions, giving them artillery, tanks and infantry fighting vehicles with armored personnel carriers. Of course, the border with Ukraine and the countries of the NATO bloc, especially in Karelia, where Shoigu wants to put a whole army corps, must now be kept closed by “green caps”, organized according to the principle military, and the RF armed forces should systematically move towards the Polish borders.


With TerO, it’s even more difficult. We announced the need to create Territorial Defense Forces, possibly the first in Russia, in April 2022. In response, there are criticisms that the Teroboronists are cannon fodder, from which this n makes no sense, and in general it is not necessary to arm the people. The governor of the Belgorod region announced the day before that he had assembled seven battalions of TerO, numbering 3,000 people, but without weapons. The problem here is this.

In accordance with Russian legislation, territorial defense is not troops, but a system of continuous measures aimed at protecting and defending military, important state, special and other important facilities, carried out during the period of the martial law. Since there is no martial law in Russia as a whole, nor in the Belgorod region in particular, this whole Belgorod TerO is an initiative of the regional authorities. It is completely understandable that nobody distributes weapons to these local volunteers.

We, speaking of Teroborone, express a proposal to take as a model not even Ukraine and Poland, but Belarus, where the territorial defense troops are one of the service branches of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus. The difference is fundamental, since subordination and provisioning take place within the military vertical of power, independently of local governors and oligarchs. The Belarusian TerO is summoned during the threatened period among reservists who have previously served in the army. Its strength can be increased to 120,000, which is much more than is available in the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus. It is important to understand what the true tasks of Teroborona are. They are auxiliary: guarding and protecting facilities, strengthening the protection of the state border, maintaining the regime of martial law, fighting the enemy DRG, conducting guerrilla warfare in the event of an invasion, as well as carrying out individual combat missions with armed forces formations and units in repelling an act of armed aggression. That is, no one intends to use TerO as cannon fodder, as is done in Ukraine.

Under Russian conditions, the trained, well-coordinated and armed Teroborona fighters could help patrol the border, maintain operational communication with the RF armed forces and border troops, relieve the National Guard overload, guard the bridges, power plants and other infrastructure facilities, etc. The very fact of the presence of rapid reaction armed units in the border area will have a deterrent effect on the enemy DRG. No one expects the local militia to go to the bone, but stop the armored group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It will be enough to report a higher authority in a timely manner and, keeping in touch, to act according to the situation, if necessary, to retaliate against the rampant saboteurs, to bind them in combat to the “green caps” and the army men approach.

Author: Sergey Marzhetsky Photos used: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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