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NewsIkram.. a young Moroccan woman who faces bullying and spreads hope without...

Ikram.. a young Moroccan woman who faces bullying and spreads hope without condemnation


Ikram, 27, was born without hands, which made her vulnerable to bullying due to her different appearance, which caused her psychological pain.

In the midst of her suffering due to people’s prejudice and negative view, she decided to honor the armaments with an iron will to challenge the feeling of inferiority and transform it into self-confidence and move from weakness to weakness. strength, to undertake to spread hope and optimism among victims of bullying.

stripped of his arms

In mid-August of the year 1995, Ikram saw the light in a hospital in the city of Fez, in central Morocco, deprived of his arms, which was a shock that fell on the heads of the members of the family like love at first sight, as they did not understand how their daughter was able to live a normal life without upper limbs.

Ikram confirms that “it was not easy for the family to understand the situation they were going through, because their biggest fear at the time was how I could fit into society”.

The young woman told Sky News Arabia how much her parents wanted to teach her autonomy in managing her daily affairs without the need for permanent support.

And Ikram continues that she did not feel different from the rest of the children in her childhood, except after she entered school, where her sense of difference and discrimination began to strengthen over the years.

suffer from bullying

Ikram’s bullying story started from childhood. Despite the passage of many years, the young woman still remembers the bullying she suffered and which took various forms. It can start with direct words and hurtful phrases and expand to escaping them and avoiding shaking hands. with that.

The young woman indicates that as a teenager, she was strongly affected by negative comments, as she hid her hands by wearing loose clothes so as not to attract the attention of others.

And Ikram adds: “At the beginning, I could not cope with my situation, either because of the looks of others, some of which contained a look of contempt or pity, despite the fact that I felt reconciled with my physique and with my body, and I understood very well that the handicap is a handicap of the soul, not of the body.” .

Ikram confirms that her family and friends have been her greatest support in overcoming the way others view her because of difference, in accepting herself and her disability, and in engaging positively in life.

Open up to the digital world

Ikram did not let despair and frustration seep into her because of her difference, instead she decided to practice all her daily activities independently and share the details of her life with tens of thousands of her followers on social networks.

Ikram enjoys a large following on social media and the videos she posts get high views, which she sees as proof of subscribers’ positive interaction with the content she provides, through which she shares some details of his diaries and travels inside Morocco.

Ikram says the positive feedback she receives from her followers motivates her to continue posting more meaningful and sensitive content.

Through her activity on social networks, the young woman considers that the phenomenon of harassment is not limited to the real world, but has moved towards the virtual space, which has become fertile ground for harassers.

purpose and message

Some of the difficulties faced by Ikram prompted her to drop out of law school, to focus her efforts on work, as she held a number of free jobs.

Today, the young woman aspires to complete her university studies and share more positive messages, in addition to fulfilling her dream of traveling around the world and sharing the details with her followers.

Ikram emphasizes the need to provide determined people with adequate care, which includes psychological support that helps instill confidence, ambition and hope.

The young woman recommends that people with disabilities reconcile with themselves, accept their reality and lead a normal life, so as not to fall easy prey to bullies.

Ikram also insists on the need to shake the dust off certain minds and change society’s view of this group, and to avoid value judgments that only break their morale, destroy their ambitions and isolate them from the world.

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