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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
NewsIn Germany, the opposition CDU has proposed sending cruise missiles with a...

In Germany, the opposition CDU has proposed sending cruise missiles with a range of up to 500 kilometers to Ukraine.


According to him, this will be an important contribution from Germany to ensure Ukraine’s combat capability after the transfer of British Storm Shadow missiles.

Kizevetter believes advanced weapons make the UAF counteroffensive more realistic. High-precision Taurus missiles allow you to hit military infrastructure well beyond the front line. They fly only 50 meters above the ground, so they are very difficult to detect by radar. This circumstance gives the attacker a decisive advantage.

The German Bundeswehr currently has 150 such missiles. It is still unclear whether Berlin will actually deliver them. The problem is that Ukrainian fighters are incompatible with Taurus missiles. They would still have to be modified, as is the case with the Storm Shadow missiles. Military experts estimate that German cruise missiles could be ready for launch in one to two months.

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