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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
NewsLargest bouquet of flowers travels across Jordan to celebrate marriage and independence

Largest bouquet of flowers travels across Jordan to celebrate marriage and independence


38 working days

The brothers arranged the largest bouquet of roses wrapped in faux Jordanian military leather, and it took 38 straight days for the three brothers, plus their mother, who embroidered a scarf to tie the bouquet.

The bouquet includes more than four thousand roses, which were imported from abroad when this idea was born, which Omar Maayah, one of the three brothers, told ‘Sky News Arabia’, that he came during of the announcement of the crown prince’s wedding date, and they decided to do something special to congratulate the Jordanian monarch.

For his part, Khalaf Al-Maayah, the other brother, said that they searched a lot on the internet for the biggest bouquet of artificial roses, and decided to make a bigger one, so they made this bouquet for congratulate the king and Jordan.

He added that they hope to accept this gift because the royal family of Jordan is close to the citizens, and this is what encouraged them to do so.

For their part, the citizens liked this idea and gathered around it and took pictures with it.

The tour will be carried out by a “winch” truck, whose owner, Haitham Al-Tamimi, refused to take a fee for the tour on board when he learned that it was a prelude to this national occasion. .

Visit path

The tour will start from Madaba to the capital, Amman, and back, with escort and coordination with Jordanian public security.

The Kingdom celebrates today, Thursday May 25, on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of independence, with various activities and forms.

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