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Thursday, June 1, 2023
NewsLebanon.. The opening of the tomb of Michelle Al-Hajjal, 4 years after...

Lebanon.. The opening of the tomb of Michelle Al-Hajjal, 4 years after her departure, is controversial


Last Saturday, the name of the late Michelle Hajal came to the fore again, when the decision was made to open her grave after Lebanese church authorities responded to an insistent request by the late sister, Paula Hajal.

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For her part, Paula Hajal refused to comment on the case to “Sky News Arabia” before having obtained prior authorization to speak to any media by the bishop of the Greek Orthodox parish of the governorate of Mount Lebanon, and the investigations ended with the story.

Paula Hajal only told Sky News Arabia: “We are tired, but we are happy with what has been posted on my sister Michelle’s name page on Facebook, which I personally manage.”

confusion in the street

The event sparked controversy in Lebanon, especially among the pioneers of social networking sites and on media pages, including those who did not believe “that the grave has been opened and that the Orthodox Church does not allow it. “. story that the corpse is still as it is and that it has grown hair, which contradicts what medicine confirms.

Why did they ask to open the tomb?

The tomb was opened after several testimonies I received from outside Lebanon, the first of which was from a young woman who called her from Palestine. Michelle saw in a dream “a snake with hair on its head and saying, ‘Open my grave,'” according to Michelle’s Facebook page. The dream repeated itself with a Lebanese woman with cancer, so I renewed my contact with the Archbishop to open the tomb until they accepted. Paula said on the page: “The priest agreed to open the burial, accompanied by one of his guards, called Joseph, and we opened the tomb on Saturday morning in the presence of two priests, and the scene was the face of my sister with hair in her eyebrows and on her head, and it smelled good.” The post, which is a video of Michelle’s sister speaking to local media, added: “The grave has been opened to reveal, according to what has been released by local media, that Michelle’s face is still in her soft-touch condition 4 years after she left, with her hair covering half of her face and her eyebrows showing, she was buried hairless and without eyebrows.

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