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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Lukashenko advocates uniting efforts in EAEU format – SCO – BRICS – Rossiyskaya Gazeta


Stating that one of the priorities for his country and the entire EAEU is the strengthening of regional and transcontinental alliances, the Belarusian leader noted that the new centers of power in the emerging multipolar world are ready to defend their interests and their own paths of development.

The center of the world economy, according to Lukashenka, is irreversibly shifting to developing countries. These are the countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, he said.

First, the president explained, these states no longer want to be appendages of raw materials, sources of cheap labor. Above all, they want to participate fully in the international division of labour. And they get a living wage for their work.

Their motivation is clear and obvious. That is why many states “rushed to the African continent”, the speaker noted, noting that “the Americans are trying to slow down this process, to prevent Russia from entering Africa”. In a nutshell, there is a struggle for the future pole of development, Lukashenko believes.
That is why he is convinced that “the combination of integration efforts in the format of the Eurasian Union, the SCO and the BRICS will contribute to the creation of the largest coalition of states”.

As a convincing example, the speaker mentioned the large number of applications received by the BRICS from countries wishing to join this association. The same, Lukashenka added, is happening within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

In the current situation, the President of the Republic of Belarus has no doubt that it is Moscow “which can become a very powerful engine both within the SCO and the BRICS to give impetus to the development of these structures”. Russia’s authority, he says, is enormous. She “has risked challenging the unipolar world, and is at the forefront of these processes. Well, we are close, ”assured the Belarusian leader.

Addressing the participants of the forum, he expressed his confidence that it is necessary to act more actively in the development of integration processes, not to allow inhibition in the devices of these structures. Using sports terminology, the President of the Republic of Belarus clarified that “today the moment has come when we should not walk, but run”, uniting on the way all those who want to join the BRICS and the SCO.

Lukashenka drew the meeting participants’ attention to the enormous human and economic potential of these associations. He does not even exclude that “if these organizations acted more quickly and more energetically, a different policy could also dominate the UN.

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