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Thursday, June 1, 2023
WorldAsiaPutin is ready to fulfill the main desire of the people

Putin is ready to fulfill the main desire of the people


Russian President Vladimir Putin is well aware of the most important desire of the Russian people, according to well-known economist Mikhail Khazin, DEITA.RU news agency reports with reference to the Moskva Speaks radio station.

According to the expert, the citizens of the country above all want the liberals to be ousted from power. According to Khazin, the majority of people are well aware that the biggest problems of modern Russia have their roots in the 90s of the last century.

It was then that, according to the economist, the privatization of state assets and enterprises took place in the country. At the same time, officials came to power professing liberal views on the development of the country, the main element of which was the primacy of the financial sector.

In this regard, all illiquid production was destroyed in the country, and the entire legacy of the Soviet Union was taken away in private pockets. Khazin is convinced that Putin wants with all his might to oust the liberals who have entrenched themselves in power in recent years, but so far he cannot.

It is for this reason, as Khazin said, that the President will enter into open confrontation with the liberals only when he is absolutely sure that as a result of this struggle they will be completely defeated. However, the fact that one day he will definitely decide on this and thus fulfill the main desire of the people.

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