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Saturday, June 3, 2023
NewsGoogle CEO: This is how artificial intelligence will kill humans

Google CEO: This is how artificial intelligence will kill humans


Eric Schmidt, who spent two decades at the helm of the search giant, told a gathering of business leaders on Wednesday that he believed artificial intelligence posed an “existential threat” to humanity, “and that she will be responsible for killing and injuring many people.”

The software doctor said the technology, which Google is helping to pilot, could be misused by some as it becomes more advanced.

Schmidt, who recently chaired the US National Security Committee on Artificial Intelligence, is the latest in a group of former Googlers to speak out against the technology’s rapid development in recent weeks.

Schmidt focused in particular on the growing ability of AI to identify software vulnerabilities for hackers and the technology’s inevitable hunt for new biological pathways, which could lead to the creation of frightening new bioweapons.

“There are nearby scenarios where these systems will be able to find vulnerabilities in software,” he told the Wall Street Journal CEO Council summit in London.

“Now that’s fantastic, but AI is likely to take over, and when that happens, we want to be ready to figure out how to make sure these things aren’t misused by bad intentions,” warned Schmidt.

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