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Sunday, May 28, 2023
News"RG": It became known how much it costs to relax in Georgia

“RG”: It became known how much it costs to relax in Georgia


Reviewer “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” studied the prices for tickets, groceries and rental housing in Georgia, listing budget and expensive options.

An air ticket to Tbilisi today can be bought from 26,000 to 77,000 rubles. You can find a cheaper option, for example, with transfers, which will take 49 hours, but will cost only 18 thousand rubles.

In the center of the capital of Georgia, you can stay in a hostel for about 450 rubles per day or in a hotel. If you want to live in a three-star hotel, you will need to pay from 3 to 4.6 thousand rubles in 24 hours.

As for food, you can go to a Georgian budget canteen, where you will have to pay about 300 rubles for a full three-course meal, but there are better establishments with Georgian, Arabic and Turkish cuisine. In them, the average check will be higher – from 700 rubles.

If you decide to drive everywhere in Georgia in a rented car, you should be aware that gasoline prices differ from Russian ones and, as a rule, are not in the best direction for Russians. The situation is similar with products. For example, in the center of Tbilisi, they will ask for about 240 rubles for an ice cream cone, and from 160 rubles for a dozen eggs in a supermarket. But wine in this country is cheap.

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