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Thursday, June 1, 2023
WorldEuropeStudy warns numbers of half of Earth's animal species are declining

Study warns numbers of half of Earth’s animal species are declining


What did the researchers find?

Researchers found that 48% of Earth’s species are currently in decline, while less than 3% of other animal species are increasing. With the extinctions of species traditionally measured, 28% of life on Earth is currently threatened with extinction. At the same time, the study shows that the lack of species in increasing numbers shows that other species are not evolving to replace extinct species in the ecosystem.

“More disturbing than he thought”

The researchers said the findings “set a powerful wake-up call” because human-caused global biodiversity loss “is more worrying than previously thought”. The loss of global biodiversity is considered one of the most serious challenges that humanity will face in the decades to come, given its impact on the functioning of ecosystems, food production, the spread of disease and therefore the stability of the world economy.

Warning from an environmental expert

Commenting on the study, Shaden Diab, the European Union’s environmental adviser, told Sky News Arabia:

“It’s getting more serious because of global warming.” “Biodiversity is one of the things we discuss at climate summits because there is a link between biodiversity and climate change, as animals, insects and plants are greatly affected by high temperatures and their variations and cannot adapt to them, and therefore extinction occurs.” “Marine components are strongly affected by rising temperatures, such as turtles, and therefore this affects the number of turtles that can survive high temperatures sands where the eggs are laid.” “Elephants too, especially Asian elephants, are being heavily affected as they need huge amounts of water for drinking and high temperatures are causing lakes to dry up.” Bees in Europe are also threatened with extinction due to pollution. “It is very important to implement environmental dialogue to find solutions, because all countries are suffering from the worsening of environmental pollution and climate change, and organizations, governments and different parties must participate in order to achieve this. solutions to which everyone adheres.”

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