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Thursday, June 1, 2023
NewsThis habit affects the "quality" of sleep 3 hours

This habit affects the “quality” of sleep 3 hours


And a new medical study has found a link to our social media behavior and the quality of our sleep, according to British newspaper ‘The Sun’.

And according to a new study, “posting on social media” before bed can keep you awake for hours.

The study found that posting content an hour before bed reduced sleep by up to 3 hours.

Researchers tracked more than 51,000 Reddit user posts from 2005 to 2021 to see how the time they posted affected their stay on the site.

They analyzed more than 236 million posts over 16 years and measured the number of posts posted after a user went to bed.

According to the findings, published in the journal Sleep Medicine, users were more likely to stay on Reddit one to three hours after their usual bedtime when the last post was an hour before their bedtime.

Users who posted content multiple times per hour before bedtime were significantly more likely to stay awake past bedtime.

“This could be the result of several factors, from screen lights disrupting the circadian rhythm to anticipating a response,” said William Myerson of Duke University. “Reddit users were more likely to stay awake past their usual bedtime and post through the night when posting to sites.” Socialize an hour before bedtime, especially if active in highly interactive forums.

And with social media use even just before bedtime becoming an increasingly popular routine, with lots of checking their phones in bed, researchers have expressed concern that staring at blue light from a screen prevents the body’s natural sleep cycle from starting, disrupting the hormones that make us sleepy.

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