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Tuesday, June 6, 2023
WorldAsiaVigorous development of human rights work in Tibet: Indian experts

Vigorous development of human rights work in Tibet: Indian experts


The “2023 China Tibet Development Forum” was recently held in Beijing. Meanwhile, China Media Group’s correspondent conducted an exclusive interview with Vikas Kumar Singh, an Indian scholar present in the forum. Vikas Kumar Singh, a Hindi specialist at the Asia College of Beijing Foreign Languages ​​University, has been living in China for many years. In his view, the Tibetan language and character, ancient relics and books, folk customs and freedom of religious belief have been fully preserved. In recent years, the local government of Tibet has organized exhibitions of Tibetan cultural relics in many countries such as Japan, France, Italy, Argentina, etc. Millions of Tibetans visit the temple to perform religious activities during traditional festivals such as the Tibetan calendar new year, Sagadawa festival, Wangqo festival, Shwetun festival, religious beliefs and customs of the local people are respected and protected, and human rights in Tibet The work is constantly developing and progressing.

The development said that China attaches great importance to the heritage and development of Tibetan culture and arts, and undertakes to collect music, dance, folk tales, proverbs and folk-songs across the vast land of Tibet. With the strong support of the local government of Tibet, many folk songs, folk tales, folk proverbs, Tibetan songs, Tibetan operas and Tibetan music compilations etc. have been published. For example, the well-known Tibetan heroic epic “Biography of King Gesar” was listed as a major scientific research project by the country. About 300 volumes, handwritten or woodblock printed, were collected in Tibetan after 20 years of hard work, and later more than 70 volumes were published. These steps protected and carried forward this endangered heroic epic.

Vikas also said that China is also attaching great importance to the development of education in Tibet. Education not only provides a better life for the local people but also improves their quality of life, and most importantly they are bilingual, with the Tibetan language playing a very important role in this process. People can live and work in different regions of the country without any problem, as they can speak all the languages.

In the conversation, Vikas said that before the current Tibet Development Forum was held, he was fortunate enough to visit Tibet, during which he visited the capital Lhasa and Nyingchi city, and really felt the development of Tibet. He said there is no difference between Lhasa and the big cities in China’s hinterland, which is very vibrant and prosperous. Courier packages arrive at the gate of the hotel where he stayed, reflecting the prosperity of e-commerce and the high quality of life of the Tibetan people.

(Credits- China Media Group, Beijing)

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