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Friday, September 22, 2023


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NewsBefore the second round.. Opinion polls predict the winner of the Turkish presidency

Before the second round.. Opinion polls predict the winner of the Turkish presidency

The first round, which took place on May 14, saw none of the candidates achieve a turnout of 50+1%, with Erdogan getting 49%, while Davutoğlu got 45% of the votes.

A day before going to vote, polling stations rushed to announce their conclusions regarding the results of the second round.

Erdogan’s wealth

Conda expects Erdogan to win 52.7%, against 47.3% for Kilicdaroglu. The percentage of the company “Asal” increased to 53.4% ​​in favor of Erdogan. Saros predicted that Erdogan would get 53.1% of the vote. Bimar expects Erdogan to receive 52.19%. Most opinion polls suggest that President Erdogan will stay in power for another five years.

Fortune of Kilicdaroglu

AREA expected Kilicdaroglu to win by a narrow margin of 50.6%. The ORC predicted that Kilicdaroglu would get 51.4% of the vote.

Stronger odds

Turkish political analyst, Hisham Gunay, says that after the first round, President Erdogan’s chances seem to be strongest, as he is just half a point short of the second round to stay in power, while Kılıçdaroğlu tries to conquer the votes of the 5% who voted for the alliance of the ancestors in the first round.

Gunay added, to “Sky News Arabia”, that the possibility of Erdogan’s victory is strongest after presidential candidate Sinan Ogan showed Erdogan’s support in the second round, and if he managed to convince a small percentage of those who voted for him that it would be enough for the current president to win, while Kilicdaroglu faces several difficulties to completely secure the votes of the ancestor alliance, in addition to persuade a number of those who abstained in the round to come down and vote for him. maintain their chances in the competition.

outside voting

The number of voters abroad in the second round of the Turkish presidential elections exceeded their number in the first round, since one million 895 thousand and 430 Turkish voters participated in the second round of the presidential elections, in the foreign representations and in the border crossings.

In the first round, held in the middle of this month, one million and 839 thousand and 461 expatriates voted, with a participation rate of (53.85%). President Recep Tayyip Erdogan obtained (57.47%) of the votes from abroad, against (39.57%) for his rival, Kemal Kilicdaroglu.

Expatriates represent about 5% of the total electorate and their number exceeds 3 million in 73 countries around the world.


More than 64 million Turks have the right to vote at nearly 192,000 polling stations, and that number includes more than six million who exercised the right for the first time on May 14. There are 3.4 million overseas voters who voted from May 20-24 this year. Polling stations open at 8 a.m. (0500 GMT) and close at 5 p.m. (1400 GMT) on May 28. Voter turnout was generally high. On May 14, the overall turnout reached 87.04%, including 88.9% in Turkey and 49.4% abroad.

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