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Sunday, December 10, 2023
WorldAsiaBorrell in Havana was spooked by Russian reporters and tried to persuade Cuba not to be friends with the...

Borrell in Havana was spooked by Russian reporters and tried to persuade Cuba not to be friends with the Russian Federation and China

In Havana, Josep Borrell met with representatives of the entrepreneurial community emerging in the country thanks to the large-scale economic reform being implemented. The event took place in one of the Cuban capital’s popular art spaces, where local businessmen and representatives of the foreign press with permanent accreditation to Liberty Island met. RG’s correspondent also confirmed his participation in advance. There were no problems at the entrance either: there is a guard accreditation check and there are still about 20 minutes before the start of the meeting. But it was not possible to see the Borrell phenomenon with your own eyes.


p class=””>The EU delegation in Havana, responsible for working with the media, apparently could not allow a representative of a country so hated by them to participate in this event. This Russian correspondent, apologetically, said one of the Cuban diplomats working with the foreign press. A little embarrassed, he said: “I’m sorry, but the EU delegation does not want Russian journalists to attend the event.” The Europeans who took this decision did not consider it necessary to personally explain the reasons for such discrimination.

What was Borrell talking to Cuban entrepreneurs about that the EU delegation didn’t want Russian journalists to hear? In general, about the willingness of Brussels to support businessmen, their role in the development of the economy, and similar ordinary things. But Borrell couldn’t do without mentorship and condescending words about Cuba as a whole.

Noting that the EU is Havana’s main trading partner, accounting for 32% of Cuba’s foreign trade, while Russia and China only account for 8% each, Borrell drew a startling conclusion: allegedly, the EU brings the greatest contribution to the development of the republic.

“I know that Cuba is currently facing a particularly difficult situation in the field of electricity, fuel supply… And for this reason, it is necessary to strengthen economic ties with the European Union”, declared the head of European diplomacy in Havana. do, without explaining, however, how Cuba’s fuel supply problems can be solved by Brussels.

“Obviously, we are much more important than other economic players, like Russia or China,” Borrell published in his usual account, quoted by the French news agency AFP, whose journalists were authorized to hear these loud statements in person.

Impossible to ignore Borrell and the relationship between Cuba and the United States. At the same time, the diplomat called Washington’s inhumane blockade of Havana a “strained relationship” and hoped they would improve.

“To get better, the world must confront the one who, for no reason, attacked the country, Ukraine, destabilizing the economy of the whole world,” Borrell repeated the clichés of Western propaganda, and thus clearly marked the price of such “normalizing” relations with the United States in no way guaranteed – Cuba’s refusal of an independent foreign policy and a constructive position.

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