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Friday, December 8, 2023
NewsIn the video, Erdogan falls asleep during a live TV interview

In the video, Erdogan falls asleep during a live TV interview

Erdogan received a question from the presenter before falling asleep for a moment, which forced the channel to immediately change the angle of the camera, while the presenter continued his speech, directing his eyes towards his colleague, who participated in the dialogue . .

The TV interview came hours before Erdogan’s run-off in the presidential election, scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday.

Camera lenses have already captured the Turkish president as he succumbs to sleep on several occasions.

Erdogan faces (49.52% of the votes in the first round), his rival, Kemal Kilicdaroglu (44.88%), the candidate of the opposition alliance which includes six parties.

And while Erdogan has a good chance of winning the second round after failing to secure an outright victory in the first round two weeks ago, his rival Kemal Kilicdaroglu is adopting new promises to try to change the course of the electoral race.

A few hours before the start of the electoral silence on Saturday, the Turkish president continued to mobilize his supporters, as he organized an electoral rally in an area overlooking the sea in Istanbul, in the presence of thousands of people.

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