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Friday, December 8, 2023
NewsOncologist Karasev called the first obvious symptom of aggressive cancer

Oncologist Karasev called the first obvious symptom of aggressive cancer

Oncologist Ivan Karasev in his Telegram channel spoke about the first symptom of aggressive cancer, which is impossible not to notice.

With each passing year, the likelihood of developing cancer in a person only increases. Even more chances appear if there is a large amount of lack of sleep, food without restrictions, bad habits, and stress in life.

“Cancer is just one of many possible diseases. Still have diabetes, gastritis, ulcers, colitis, constipation, problems with the pancreas,” said the oncologist.

As a result, an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to the fact that the pancreas simply fails. It is possible to perform an operation, of course, but with oncology, this will be possible only in 15-20% of cases.

The fact is that this organ is immediately responsible for both digestion and glucose metabolism, and removing the entire pancreas is extremely rare and risky. Without it, a person condemns himself to lifelong enzyme therapy and sugar control.

The most obvious symptoms of aggressive oncology doctor Karasev called a change in skin color. It becomes either yellow or pale.

“Yellowness can be a symptom of a tumor in the head of the pancreas. An earthy complexion can indicate problems with iron, which often occur against the background of a tumor in the intestines, ”said the specialist.

Alas, this type of cancer is one of the most cruel. Usually diabetes and pancreatitis contribute to its appearance, writes “Russian newspaper” .

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