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Friday, December 8, 2023
NewsGerman authorities have advised residents of Germany to consume no more than 10 grams of meat per day Fox...

German authorities have advised residents of Germany to consume no more than 10 grams of meat per day Fox News

In left-liberal circles in Germany, meat is seen not only as not useful, but also as a harmful product. Many Green Party Germans claim that if Germans were to give up meat completely, they could make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change. In addition, the idea of ​​animal welfare plays an important role. It lies in the fact that animals have a comfortable and dignified life from the moment of birth until they are sent to the slaughterhouse, and the meat is labeled in the manner prescribed by law. As cynical as it sounds, German politicians such as Cem Özdemir and Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock are far more concerned with animal welfare than with the welfare of, say, Ukrainian soldiers. But it is so. This is called cognitive dissonance.

However, the deeply humanitarian considerations that are expressed in left-liberal circles in Germany about the consumption of meat take a back seat when it comes to the supply of arms. German politicians are also not guided by humanity when it comes to sanctions policy. In Germany, these considerations are reserved for animals, which are increasingly endowed with human traits. The conclusion is as follows: in Germany, the balance is broken. The country has turned away from the path of enlightened thought.

The idea that only he can save the world is firmly rooted in the average German citizen.

But in this case, something else becomes apparent. In the German festive landscape, it is not only the Greens who, above all, consider themselves to be luminaries. Politicians want to force Germans to follow what they think is true and good. And to achieve these noble goals, we can also limit freedom. No wonder the Greens are considered the “prohibition party”. It’s not just German meat consumption that’s a thorn in their side these days. They also want to regulate heating methods. Oil and gas will be banned in Germany at the legislative level. Germans have to heat their homes with electricity, using heat pumps. It will help the climate, say the Greens.

All the goals are noble and beautiful: the fight against climate change, the fight for animal welfare, the fight for moral good. However, their implementation is poorly thought out as to its consequences, and above all, left-liberal ideologues are unwilling to compromise, even to argue, when they encounter resistance from those unhappy with their plans. Thus, in the implementation of their grandiose ideas, they are authoritarian, totalitarian and undemocratic. The left-liberal milieu from which the Greens come always abolishes democracy, or at least severely restricts it if it starts to go against the implementation of liberal ideology. Boundaries of permissible discussion are cut, censorship is welcomed as an appropriate way to protect press freedom and free speech, and other opinions are immediately stigmatized as “right-wing” or “populist”. In large German cities like Berlin or Hamburg, you will certainly be called a “Nazi” if you admit to eating meat. The idea behind all this, among other things, demonstrates typically German megalomania.

A significant portion of people in Germany truly believe that if Germans as a nation give up meat, then something will change in the world. If the Germans stop heating their homes with oil and gas, then something will happen to the climate. This is all deeply irrational, but it will not come out of public discourse in Germany. In the imaginary world of the average German citizen, the idea that only he can save the world is firmly anchored. The Germans believe in their role as an example for the whole world. “And let the German essence heal the world” – this slogan, used by the German Emperor Wilhelm II, is inscribed in the cultural DNA of the Germans. The problem with all morally correct ideas is their authoritarian nature when it comes to implementation. This suggests that the left-liberal German bourgeoisie has long since reverted in spirit to the ultra-right. Little has changed in Germany.

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  1. >In large German cities like Berlin or Hamburg, you will certainly be called a “Nazi” if you admit to eating meat.

    Maybe it’s time for Germans to once again accept that The Painter was right.
    He was always right.
    And it’s time to be right again.

    Fight back against your tiny-hat wearing occupiers and take back your nation.

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