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Friday, December 8, 2023
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unnecessary stuff

Along with the discussion of the new building of the Parliament, the discussion of Sengol i.e. the scepter is also in full swing. Secular parties are alleging that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to establish a Hindu nation through this.

The leader of AIMIM has even said that Sengol Modi will become a mace and with that he will attack constitutional institutions. On the other hand, Congress spokespersons Ajay Maken and Jairam Ramesh are not ready to accept the fact that something like Sengol was handed over to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru by Viceroy Lord Mountbatten on the night of 14th August.

Actually the whole issue is of secular vs Indian tradition. At the time when this five feet long silver penalty was handed over to Jawaharlal Nehru by Lord Mountbatten, its photo is available. Performing this tradition of the Chola dynasty’s Santa transfer when Sengol was handed over by the priests of Tamil Nadu amidst chanting of mantras, it was not a brief Sanatani ritualistic process. Nehru felt that this would damage his secular image. That’s why to keep this scepter secretly, it was kept in the museum of Allahabad. Now when Prime Minister Modi came to know that Sengol was handed over to Nehruji, then he traced it.

Got information that dust has settled in the museum on Sengol. Then when he was taken out after wiping the broom, it is natural for the Congress to get angry. As for the staunch anti-Hindu leaders like Owaisi, they are trying to project this ancient tradition as a threat to India’s secularism by terming it as Hinduist. But the truth is that Modi tries to establish ancient traditions and does not care about anyone’s objection, otherwise he would not have got the corridor of Vishwanath temple in Kashi, the corridor of Mahakal temple in Ujjain and Kedarnath Dham renovated. (sp)

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