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Wednesday, October 4, 2023


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WorldAsiaWhat does Erdogan's victory mean for Turkey and the world?

What does Erdogan’s victory mean for Turkey and the world?

Stations in the life of Erdogan

Born in 1954 in Istanbul, he graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Commerce at Marmara University. He assumed the position of leader of the Prosperity Party in Istanbul in 1985, then mayor of Istanbul in 1994. He founded the Justice and Development Party in 2001, to be the lever that brought him to power . He came to power in Turkey in 2004 and first served as prime minister, then became president with executive powers with the amendment of the country’s political system in 2017.

3 main challenges

The Associated Press opined that there were several mostly internal challenges Erdogan faced before his term ended that he could continue with him after his re-election, including:

A severe cost of living crisis that experts attribute to the government’s mismanagement of the economy, while Erdoğan believes that low interest rates tame inflation, contrary to traditional economic theory, and makes pressure on the central bank to change its mind. Observers said Turkey had witnessed criticism over the status of civil liberties, a point exploited by the opposition, which threatened to lead Ankara back to a more democratic path. Turkey is also reeling from the aftermath of a powerful earthquake that devastated 11 southern provinces in February, and Erdogan’s government has been criticized for its delayed and stalled response to the disaster, as well as the lax enforcement of building codes which exacerbated losses.

internal and external reflections

For his part, the expert specializing in Turkish affairs, Karam Saeed, clarified in statements exclusive to “Sky News Arabia”, the repercussions of Erdogan’s victory for a second term internally and externally in a certain number of points, stating that:

Erdogan’s victory means that the Justice and Development Party is still popular within Turkish society, despite all the challenges Turkey is currently facing. The victory also means that all opinion polls conducted during the past period, which were closer to the Western approach in interpreting the Turkish electoral scene, will be politicized and biased, since most of them favored the victory of Kemal Kilicdaroglu. Despite this, these elections have proven that the opposition is capable of achieving a major breakthrough in the Turkish street, given the close results so far, and has thus been able to identify with the aspirations of Turkish society after rooted in its ideological ideas. With regard to the external repercussions, in my opinion, President Erdogan will continue to approve of Turkey’s identification with the eastern axis, with the continuation of Turkey’s turn towards Russia, the calm in the Middle East, the strengthening of relations with the regional environment of Turkey and the completion of development in relations with a number of countries, including Egypt. Erdogan’s most important file will be to control the tension with Western powers, and the Turkish president and his party will be more careful not to reach the point of falling out with any country from a pragmatic point of view between the West and Turkey.

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