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Wednesday, October 4, 2023


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NewsDespite crises and pressure from the opposition... How did Erdogan win the trust of the Turks?

Despite crises and pressure from the opposition… How did Erdogan win the trust of the Turks?

In a speech after winning the election, Erdogan stressed that he would drop differences and focus on achieving national goals and unite for them, while Kilicdaroglu called on the Turks for what he described as the continuation of the “struggle for democracy”, stressing that Turkey’s problems continue.

Erdogan’s victory came at a time when Turkey is suffering from an economic crisis, rising inflation and the depreciation of the Turkish Lira.However, the economic crisis has not stopped the Turks from give their vote to Erdogan.

Turkish politician Shukri Kerboga confirms to “Sky News Arabia” that several factors contributed to Erdogan’s victory in the Turkish elections, despite the economic crisis:

The opposition Ummah Alliance consists of six parties, but they are not similar and have many problems in most of the issues raised, and they are trying to resolve these differences through negotiations, which led to the withdrawal of Miral Aksnar, who did not give public confidence. There is an economic crisis in Turkey, in addition to the earthquake that happened, and the economic problems that followed the Corona pandemic, and in general the Turkish economy is not in its best state, but people couldn’t trust the table of six and Kilicdaroglu’s choice was not the most suitable for the Turks. Public and opinion polls dictated the selection of one of the mayors of Istanbul or Ankara to represent the six-party table in the elections, and Aksnar, the leader of the “Good Party”, preferred this, but Kilicdaroglu insisted on showing up. Kilicdaroglu has raised ongoing doubts among citizens about his ability to emerge as national president, especially through his left-wing supporters as well as the Republican People’s Party past. Many citizens saw it this way: It’s really not going well, Erdogan has a charismatic personality, but it’s hard to understand Kilicdaroglu’s management style, especially since there are six points of view present at the table of six. Another problem is that the support of the HDP from abroad has caused serious inconvenience to the citizens and to the nationalist section of the National Alliance. The CHP succeeded when it appointed people from the right to the left party, and it had to repeat the deal by choosing a right-wing leader. The CHP’s use of extreme refugee rhetoric has caused the Turkish people, who may be unhappy with the presence of refugees, to give Erdogan their vote.

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