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Thursday, September 28, 2023


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WorldAsiaHow was Mishustin's visit to China

How was Mishustin’s visit to China

Only four Russian words, which Chinese tourists pronounce, albeit with difficulty, clearly show that their love for Russia is sincere. They communicate with interest with the actors in the costumes of the Soviet leader and the great empress, photograph every detail of Moscow’s architecture and do not hesitate to come and tell us what attracts the Chinese so much to Russia.

In central Moscow, Chinese customers outnumber tourists from other countries. After a three-year covid pandemic between Russia and China, the air doors have opened wide. Direct business contacts have also resumed.

Apart from trade, commerce and tourism relations, China and Russia have similar views on foreign policy and world order. In Beijing, there is much talk not only of friendship between ordinary citizens, but also between the heads of the two states.

“I like Russia, Moscow, and I like President Putin a lot. The Chinese generally like Putin. But the Chinese don’t really like America, to be honest. China and the United States don’t have not very good relations currently,” Wang Longshi said.

One of the driving forces behind the current influx of Chinese travelers to Russia was the visit of the President of the People’s Republic of China to Moscow – the first after his re-election – and decisive for the entire Chinese people. In March, Xi Jinping was living in a hotel built on the territory of China’s Huaming Park in the Russian capital.

From a bird’s eye view, you can see the decorative elements of the TV tower in the Chinese Ostankino Park and the entrance to VDNKh. The President of the People’s Republic of China stayed in the room with such a view during his visit in March. Of course, none of the hotel staff know which apartment Xi Jinping stayed in. But we were exclusively shown one of the suites, in which he could still be. And now we see here that this room is reserved for official negotiations. Then Xi Jinping could go to his special office here, which even has Russian war literature. And here is such a memorable book, on which the President of the People’s Republic of China is depicted together with Vladimir Putin. And, of course, the last element is a room for senior executives.

Today, this hotel and the Chinese park itself have, in fact, become a picturesque corner of China in Russia, where tourists and representatives of business circles gather.

The Yui Bridge, which translates to the Friendship Bridge as designed by the architects, connects China’s symbolic island in Moscow to Russia. It is a kind of miniature illustration of the huge international economic project “one belt – one road”, which is the reincarnation of the ancient Silk Road from Russia to China.

“One Belt, One Road” is a mutually beneficial trade and economic project between Russia and China, which essentially allows us to painlessly break through the barriers of sanctions imposed by Western countries. This topic was discussed in March between Putin and Xi in the Kremlin. And now, two months later, the President of the People’s Republic of China has met in Beijing with the current Russian Prime Minister Mishustin. The purpose of his visit is to implement the agreements reached at the highest level. In the capital of the Celestial Empire, the streets were decorated with Russian tricolors and a guard of honor was lined up in the square in front of the State Council of China.

During the meeting of the head of the Russian government in China, they even deviated from the official protocol. Mikhail Mishustin was received not only by his colleague from the State Council of the PRC, but also by the Chairman of the Communist Party himself, who invited the Prime Minister to the Celestial Empire. A kind of new signal to the West, stubbornly clinging to world domination at the expense of others. The high degree of trust, warmth and friendship in the relations between the two countries was underlined both by a long non-ceremonious handshake and by the greetings conveyed by the President of Russia to the leader of China.

“He remembers with great warmth the talks with you which took place in March in Moscow. The fateful decisions adopted following the talks in the Kremlin have aroused wide publicity throughout the world. They symbolize the unity of approaches of Russia and China on all key issues on the global agenda. I reaffirm our common determination to strengthen the multipolar structure of the modern world,” said Mikhail Mishustin.

Xi Jinping, in turn, asked to convey his sincere greetings to Vladimir Putin.

“China stands ready to continue to engage with Russia on the basis of firm mutual support, taking into account each other’s key interests. Today, Sino-Russian relations are developing at a high level. Multifaceted cooperation is being implemented with confidence,” the Chinese leader noted.

The Chinese leader described the visit by the Russian prime minister as timely and successful. For Russia, China is not only a reliable economic partner, but also an ally in countering new threats and challenges. As in our country, they are of the opinion that friendship cannot be against someone, relations must be built on an equal footing and in the interest of both countries.

“Today, relations between Russia and China are at an unprecedented level. They are characterized by mutual respect for each other’s interests, the desire to jointly respond to new challenges associated with increased turbulence on the scene international community, to the pressure of illegal sanctions from the collective West. As our Chinese friends say: “Unity moves mountains”, said the Russian Prime Minister.

This year, the trade turnover between the two countries will increase to 200 billion dollars per year. Industry, agriculture, transport and energy receive particular attention. China is the main consumer of Russian raw materials. The documents signed by the Russian-Chinese delegation will simplify, among other things, the export of domestic products to the Celestial Empire. Moreover, 70% of mutual settlements are already carried out in national currencies – rubles and yuan. It is quite possible that by the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, where the head of government has invited the Chinese delegation, these figures will become even stronger.

While in Beijing Mikhail Mishustin strengthened economic ties with the East, in Moscow Vladimir Putin gathered around him the five leaders of the countries of the EEU. Abbreviation – uniting finance and logistics between Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. The Eurasian Economic Forum brought together the leaders of five states in the capital. And as in early May, the president met them in Red Square during the Victory Parade, a new meeting is also being held in the very center of the capital, a few hundred meters from the Kremlin. Now – at the Eurasian Economic Forum.

Strong handshakes with the presidents of the CIS countries – Russia is chairing the EAEU forum this year. During the plenary session, Putin drew attention to the fundamental changes taking place in the global economic arena.

“We are seeing really profound and fundamental changes taking place on the world stage. More and more states are moving towards strengthening national sovereignty, pursuing an independent and independent domestic and foreign policy, and the adherence to their own development model. And all are in favor of building a new, fairer architecture of international economic relations”, declared Vladimir Putin.

The Eurasian Economic Union is becoming one of the centers of the emerging multipolar world. Most players in international communication support this approach. And those who want to nullify Russia’s influence are hurting their own economy.

“Everything – and I want to emphasize this by answering our presenter’s question directly – everyone who acts, thinks and does otherwise, harms the global economy, is, in fact, shooting in the foot and in the foot of those who are still forced to obey them. With their economic policy, they only reinforce the downward trend of their own development,” the Russian president said.

Those who understand that the future belongs to a multipolar and equitable partnership have arrived in Moscow these days. Including the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. With this country, we have not only partnership relations, but also fraternal relations. He was one of those who stood at the origin of the Eurasian Partnership, knows firsthand the path the organization has come to, and even wistfully the birth of the EAEU.

The Eurasian Economic Union has grown significantly in its almost 10 years of existence. And his authority only grows. As Vladimir Putin noted, more and more countries are trying to have an independent economic policy, and it is very symbolic that the leader of China, a country that is neither a member of the EAEU nor of the IEC, joined the dialogue during the plenary session of the forum via a video link.

The next day, the leaders of the Eurasian Five continued to communicate already in the Kremlin. The meeting lasted six hours, two of which Putin devoted to dialogue in an even smaller circle. As a result of the two-day economic marathon, 15 new agreements were signed under the auspices of the UEE. We have also decided to promote the common quality label “Made in the EAEU”. But that’s only the beginning. Given the growing importance of the union and the tectonic shifts in global geopolitics and economy, more and more countries are considering creating free trade areas with the EAEU. Negotiations are already underway with the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, as well as with Iran and Egypt.

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