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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiain the suburbs celebrated the 7th anniversary of the Yunarmiya

in the suburbs celebrated the 7th anniversary of the Yunarmiya

Young leaders from all over the country celebrated their birthdays in the Moscow region. As part of the celebrations, more than a thousand children visited the Patriot Exhibition Center, the Main Temple of the Russian Armed Forces and the Memory Road Museum Complex. But the main thing – as it should be on a child’s birthday – and the age of seven is still very young – they had fun, participated in sports games, took part in master classes, for example, controlling modern drones or weaving camouflage nets.

This year, Artem Romashkin successfully graduated from the 8th grade, and Ruslana Chumandeeva from the 7th. The two teenagers have already received medals of merit. But today each of them received the most important thing – for saving a person. At that time, when the street girl fell ill, the guys were not afraid and applied their learned skills in the Yunarmia movement.

“We weren’t out of ideas, we approached, we laid her on her side, we put two fingers in her mouth, called an ambulance. I ran for water, Artyom held her – in general, they did everything to make her feel better, ”the guys say.

This is all a result of the training and education the guys received in the ranks of the Yunarmiya. More than a million children and adolescents take part in the military-patriotic movement. All of them are united by love of the fatherland, the desire for new acquaintances and the desire to be useful to society. Thus, when children from different parts of the country come together, they feel at home, in the circle of their large family.

Maria from Kostroma region has been in the ranks of Yunarmiya members for 5 years. Every year, she looks forward to a trip to the capital to meet like-minded people and exchange experiences.

“All the guys are very active and open to communication, to making new connections. And we have already exchanged with many contacts and plan to continue working together,” says Maria Yakimova.

The best members of Yunarmiya from all over Russia gathered in the Moscow region – more than 1000 participants. The reason is really important: the movement is 7 years old.

Yunarmiya is the largest movement in the country, created in 2016 on the initiative of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, with the support of the Russian President. Today, there are over a million children in the organization’s ranks and over 26,000 Yunarmiya detachments operate across the country.

In honor of the holiday, the Avangard Educational and Methodological Center for Military-Patriotic Education of Youth in Patriot Park near Moscow hosted the Yunarmiya Family Forum. Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation – Head of the Main Military-Political Directorate of the Russian Armed Forces Viktor Goremykin congratulated the Yunarmists on behalf of Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu.

“You actively support our military personnel participating in a special military operation, provide passive assistance to veterans, carefully honor the memory of defenders of the fatherland,” the congratulation reads.

The program for the forum participants was really intense. Many have taken a ropes course with elements of military sports games, taken courses in medical training, drone control and camouflage netting for NWO participants, and also learned how to pass a rope course. obstacles.

Among the participants in the movement, there are many outstanding and gifted people who are successful not only in the military field, but also in other fields, such as science, sports and culture.

The members of the Yunarmiya elaborated and carried out a mixed festive program, which was supplemented by talented dancers and singers who came to the event.

“These guys are the future of our country, because when they grow up and relax to full capacity, in fact when they start working, my grandchildren will probably grow up, and so it’s directly linked to everyone from us is our future, it’s all about us,” – said singer Yuta.

The Yunarmiya continues to actively develop in Russia, and those who wish to join it will always find their place and can make their contribution to the future of our country.

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