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Thursday, September 28, 2023


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WorldAsiaIPL Final: Not being held on Sunday, fans have to change the schedule. sports news in hindi

IPL Final: Not being held on Sunday, fans have to change the schedule. sports news in hindi

Ahmedabad. Fans from different parts of the country who arrived in Ahmedabad to see their ‘Thala’ (elder brother) Mahendra Singh Dhoni in Chennai Super Kings (CSK) jersey for the last time were in for a disappointment on Sunday night when the Indian Premier League final was canceled due to rain. Could not organize.

A reserve day has been kept for the final and now this title match will be played here on Monday at the Narendra Modi Stadium with a capacity of one lakh 32 thousand spectators. The whole program of the fans has gone awry.

Many fans had to vacate the hotel on Monday morning while some did not even book hotels and reached Ahmedabad railway station. Pictures of how they spent the night at the railway station could be seen on social media as well. Not everyone was however lucky enough to watch the reserve day final as many had to return due to various commitments.

Indore-based businessman Vikas Kedia is one of those unfortunate people. He along with his wife and two sons had reached Ahmedabad by car to watch the final on Sunday. “Once it started raining, the situation became very difficult as everyone wanted to go under the roof. Along with having kids, felt a bit insecure to walk in the crowd of onlookers. There were no networks in the stands and there was every possibility that my wife and I would have been separated from our children due to the jostling.

Due to work commitments, the Kedia family had to return on Monday and their children did not get a chance to catch a glimpse of Dhoni. “When we were leaving, my elder son started crying in the car because he didn’t like Dhoni,” said a disappointed Kedia. However, Dr Nirav Chavda of Vadodara, who works at the city’s civil hospital, is not ready to go back without seeing the final.

Dr Chavda had come to Ahmedabad for the last two matches Qualifier 2 and the final and will now stay an extra day to watch the final. “I came here a day before the qualifiers and waited for hours at the counter of the stadium to queue up. After that I got tickets. But yesterday was a mixed experience, they have changed the schedule of the final which I wanted. Talking about the problems during this, he said, “Getting out of the stadium was a big issue. Our car got stuck in the mud and we had to push it out.

Dr. Chavda said that he would extend his leave and go to see the final. Dr. Abhilasha Negi from Uttarakhand had taken leave for the final and was to return on Monday. But now he had to rebook his tickets. She will be able to return only on Tuesday morning’s flight and go straight to her work at the Government Medical College.Dr. Abhilasha said, “I was lucky to get a place to stay at BJ Medical College as I am an alumnus of the same. I had a flight today but I have to move it to tomorrow. I had taken leave for Qualifier 2 and the final but I think I will have to go straight from the airport to the hospital.

Dr. Abhilasha said that it was a terrifying experience for her at the Narendra Modi Stadium. “Everything went wrong, it was probably the worst day of my life. At first we had to get wet in the rain for 30 minutes as we were not going up (under the roof). We got a little sick, sewer water was waist-deep in some areas.”Dr. “I saw some people slipping and falling in that dirty water, including an old woman,” Abhilasha said. She said her ticket got torn in the rain and she doesn’t know how she will watch the match.

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