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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


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WorldAsiaRain accompanied by strong storm in many districts of MP, hail fell in many places

Rain accompanied by strong storm in many districts of MP, hail fell in many places

Bhopal. On the fourth day of Nautapa in Madhya Pradesh, two different colors of weather were seen. At some places strong sunlight tormented, at some places strong storm raged and at many places there was hail with heavy rain. 37 in Guna, 16 in Sagar, nine in Rewa, seven in Satna, six in Khajuraho, six in Naogaon, five in Shivpuri, three in Ujjain, two in Chhindwara, two in Seoni from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm on Sunday. Two, 1.1 in Bhopal, one mm of rain in Damoh.

On the other hand, Narsinghpur recorded the highest temperature of 41 degree Celsius in the state. According to the Meteorological Department, it is raining due to the effect of weather systems formed at different places. On Monday also, there may be rain with thunder and lightning at some places in the districts of Bhopal, Gwalior, Chambal, Sagar, Narmadapuram, Jabalpur, Ujjain divisions. During this, there is also a possibility of hailstorm.

Storm and rain in Ujjain killed two people, injured four children

It started raining in Ujjain on Sunday evening with a sudden strong thunderstorm. Due to this, trees were destroyed in many places. A Peepal tree fell on a tailor’s shop in Chhota Sarafa. The young man working here died due to being buried between the branches. Another person lost his life due to electrocution in the rain. On the other hand, four children were injured in Pavasa due to the collapse of a kutcha house. Half of the city including the civil hospital lost electricity. Patients had to suffer. According to the Meteorological Department, winds were blowing at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour in Ujjain. Earlier in the morning, an old neem tree fell in front of Sandipani Ashram, in which a car got buried.

Tent blown up in Raisen, one and a half inch rain in Guna

During the Aapda Mitra training in Raisen, a sudden storm blew away the tent. It rained with strong wind in Guna at around 11 am on Sunday. It received maximum rainfall of 37 mm i.e. one and a half inch in the entire state. Electric poles were broken by the storm in Ahmadpur of Raghogarh area. Transformer fell. Hail fell in Madhusudangarh. Strong wind blew in Bhopal city. It rained heavily in Berasia. Sagar received more than half an inch of rain. It also rained in Rewa, Satna, Khajuraho, Naogaon, Shivpuri, Ujjain, Seoni, Damoh, Narmadapuram and Mandla. Dindori, Sehore, Vidisha also received intermittent rains with strong winds. It drizzled in Ashoknagar.

It rained with strong wind in Harrai development block of Chhindwara. In many places, people had to face problems due to the breaking of trees, electric wires and poles. The mango crop has been damaged. In Ward No. 10 of Harrai Nagar, tinsheds and thatch of 4 houses were blown away 30 feet.

Senior expert of Bhopal Meteorological Center Ajay Shukla told that at present a cyclone has formed in the upper part of the air over south-west Rajasthan. A Dronika line has remained from this cyclone to North-East Madhya Pradesh. There is another Dronika line from North-East Madhya Pradesh to Tamil Nadu. At present the wind direction is also western, south-westerly. An anti-cyclone has formed in the Arabian Sea. Due to this, continuous moisture is also coming from the Arabian Sea. Due to this, clouds have remained in most of the cities of the state. Also, it is raining with thunder and lightning.

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