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Saturday, September 30, 2023


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WorldAsiaRussian missiles hit seven key military facilities in Kiev

Russian missiles hit seven key military facilities in Kiev

The armed forces of the Russian Federation hit the bunkers in the direction of Kyiv with something more powerful and under cover of a swarm of suicide drones, so much that residential buildings shook.

Since the night, the Russian army has started to launch powerful strikes on important military installations in Kyiv. The blows were so strong that, according to Ukrainian audiences, residential buildings in Kyiv shook. True, the mayor of the Ukrainian capital, Vitali Klitschko, stated as the reason that these were not strikes, but that secret heavy military equipment would move through the city.

There is also evidence that the missile destroyed the Patriot air defense system near Zhuliany Airport. But there is no confirmation yet. It is known that after multiple explosions, clouds of black smoke appeared over the city in this area, and after the explosions stopped, ambulances and firefighters rushed to the scene.

Telegram channel Joker DPR reported, citing its sources, that seven important military installations were affected. The NE.SAKHAR TV channel also writes about this, adding that not only the imported air defense installation was damaged, but also the UAV launch base.

“After today’s (and yesterday’s) powerful nighttime missile attack on Kyiv, a new strike has literally just followed. It seems that its main target is the enemy’s air defense systems, which, in turn, are trying to repel this attack even now. At the same time, local audiences are reporting explosions in the city. At least one powerful arrival near Zhuliany airport (a column of smoke above the area), on which the American Patriot air defense systems rely. That is, the Kyiv air defense system again did not prevent anything. But officially, of course, they will declare that all targets have been hit, ”writes the MIG Russia telegram channel.

A rocket fragment on a street in Kyiv. Photo: Comrade Vitaliy Klitschko The mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy Klitschko, wrote in his telegraph channel which districts of the capital are affected.

“Emergency services responded to a call near the center of the capital. The attack on Kiev continues. Do not leave the shelters! ”, – such a record, more like a cry of despair, was left by the mayor, and he also left a rocket fragment that fell on the road.

Meanwhile, one of the users posted on social networks a photo of the Kyiv metro, where the townspeople were hiding last night.

“” Kiev residents in the subway are hiding from NASAMS and Patriot missiles. It’s dangerous on the street, because “PPO works”. Photo: ALEKSEY (twitter) The Telegram channel “Operation Z: ” notes that the attack on Kiev is carried out by hypersonic and ballistic missiles and took the air defense by surprise after the attack by drones. It can be assumed that the targets of the strikes were railway installations used as depots for ammunition and military equipment, underground command posts. And in the afternoon, a blow was delivered to the Patriot, who covered them.

As many experts note, the Kyiv regime will again declare that there are no serious injuries. But even the American Military Watch Magazine was forced to admit then that the “Dagger” could not be shot down like that.

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