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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiaNATO "touches" Russia... Details of what is happening at the hot borders

NATO “touches” Russia… Details of what is happening at the hot borders

“Sky News Arabia” military and political analysts monitor the importance of NATO opening a “new front”, which is Finland, in its disputes with Russia, the “unified action” which should be prepared for it, and the Russian reaction expected.

The Finnish Air Force announced that large-scale exercises involving 150 fighter jets began on Monday, in Finland, Sweden and Norway, and will end on June 9.

The secret of timing

The head of the European Counterterrorism and Intelligence Center in Germany, Jassim Muhammad, points out that: The exercises took place after Finland joined NATO in April and are taking place near its 1,300 kilometer border with Russia, which means the opening of a new front between NATO and the Russia. This means that Finland must strengthen its defense capabilities against any Russian threat. The timing of the maneuvers coincides with the great escalation between Russia and Ukraine.

Superior coordination for unified action

Militarily, military expert Brigadier General Naji Malaeb assesses the importance of the size and quality of the weapons involved, saying: American and foreign F-35 fighters, the French Rafale and Mirage, the Danish and Dutch F-16, the Finnish and Swiss F-18 and the Swedish Gripen take part. This diversity of planes in a single maneuver in a country close to Russia is a new message sent to Moscow with the support of Ukraine. The maneuvers testify to the coordination of the work of “combat, intercept and attack aircraft”, and the meeting of these three types in a maneuver that could pave the way for their unified operation in Ukraine. Finland is participating in the maneuvers after ending decades of neutrality and then military non-alignment.

letters to russia

In the same context, the director of the “Realistic” center of expertise in Moscow, Amr El-Deeb, describes the exercises as “anticipated negative developments”, considering them as “a message to Russia that the alliance is ready to defend the borders against any attack.”

At the same time, El-Deeb mentions that these exercises are “a continuation of NATO intensifying its maneuvers and increasing its military equipment near Russia in recent times”.

Jassim Muhammad agrees that the maneuvers send a message to Moscow that Finland and NATO have taken “precautionary and proactive measures”.

Malaeb picks up what he believes to be messages from participating European countries, including Sweden, which participated despite not gaining NATO membership, and Switzerland, which participated despite or a “neutral country”.

How will Moscow react?

Jassim Muhammad does not rule out the Russian reaction to what is happening, but its nature “will depend on the internal assessment of the extent of the maneuvers’ threat to national security”.

But in practice, the maneuvers are a ‘wake-up call’ for Moscow that the Russian-Finnish front has become open, meaning Russia needs to bolster its defenses across the new common border with NATO, according to its officials. about.

On the other hand, Malaeb claims that Moscow will “respond more promptly under the policy of escalation in return for escalation.”

In this, Russia should recall its air defense systems and combat and interceptor aircraft, led by the “Sukhoi 57”, which is described as the “air monster”, as well as the “Sukhoi 35” , who is called the “queen of fighters”.

But the greatest danger is NATO’s use of Finnish territory as an airport threatening Russia, and about this Malaeb says: “At that time we will face an unexpected escalation, and perhaps another war between Russia and NATO.

In the same context, El-Deeb feels the Russian reaction on the ground, pointing out that Moscow is advancing by transferring “tactical nuclear weapons” to neighboring Belarus, as a message from it also against those who approach its western borders. .

On Thursday, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced that Russia had begun the process of transferring some tactical nuclear weapons from Russia to his country.

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