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Monday, October 2, 2023


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WorldAsiaBhavya Devi Lok will be built in Salkanpur on the lines of Mahakal Lok, Chief Minister will lay the...

Bhavya Devi Lok will be built in Salkanpur on the lines of Mahakal Lok, Chief Minister will lay the foundation stone today

– Action plan of more than 200 crores for the construction of Devi Lok Bhopal. Vijayasan Devi Dham located in Salkanpur is famous across the country as a major center of faith. According to the intention of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Devi Lok is being constructed in Salkanpur on the lines of Mahakal Lok. The main program of Devi Lok Mahotsav, which started from May 29 in Salkanpur, will be organized on May 31. Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan will participate in the main program and will lay the foundation stone of Devi Lok. Public Relations Officer Rajesh Bain told on Tuesday that more than one lakh devotees will participate in the main program of Devi Lok Mahotsav. In Devi Lok, nine forms of Goddess and 64 Yoginis will be displayed in an attractive form along with the stories described in the scriptures. An action plan of more than Rs 200 crore has been prepared for the construction of Bhavya Devi Lok. Along with this, many construction and development works are being done for the convenience of the devotees coming here. Religious tourism will get a boost after the construction of Devi Lok. Along with this, economic activities based on tourism will also expand in this area. He told that it is being developed according to the religious concept. Under this, along with tourist facilities, different forms of Goddess Vindhyavasini will be depicted by creating different infrastructures. All the works will be beautified with stones from the point of view of heritage and religious nature. Chausath Yogini Plaza 64 Yogini Plaza will be made circular in Devi Lok. In which different dimensions of 64 yoginis will be displayed in the form of a mural. This idea of ​​displaying different forms of the Goddess has been taken from Bhedaghat in Madhya Pradesh and Hirapur in Odisha. Before reaching the Navadurga Corridor Temple, the nine forms of Mata Vijayasan Devi will be displayed through separate murals. The nine forms of the Goddess will be displayed through stories and verses. Other features of Devi Lok: Sapta Matrika will be displayed near the main gate of the temple through idol and mural art. Tableaux of Maa Kali, Tara, Chinnamasta, Sundari, Bagula Matangi, Bhuneshwari, Siddha Vidya, Bhairavi and Dhumavati will be displayed in the form of idols and mural art on the Mahavidya theme on the terrace of the waiting hall.

The main gate of Mata Vijayasan Temple will be beautified with red stones and decorated with various shlokas, murals and signs of Maa Durga. Fountain of Light will be made near the entrance. There will be a beautiful park and all the necessary facilities for the rest of the tourists. All the necessary facilities for the devotees. At the beginning of the stairway, a place is being constructed as a devotional path between the entrance and the lake.

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