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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiaCuba's president called Vladimir Putin a friend, condemned US sanctions on Russia - Reuters

Cuba’s president called Vladimir Putin a friend, condemned US sanctions on Russia – Reuters

IN interview On the RT television channel, the Cuban leader noted that Moscow and Havana are linked by historical ties of friendship. “To a large extent, they are due to our traditionally friendly ties, but also to the willingness of both parties to strengthen these relations in the face of the uncertainty of the modern world,” the Cuban leader said.

About Vladimir Putin and help from Russia

“I consider President Vladimir Putin my friend, a true friend of Cuba, and he demonstrated this in practice. During our last conversations during my visit to Russia last November, I appreciated that Putin understood very well the problems that Cuba is facing,” he added. Diaz-Canel, emphasizing the Russian President’s understanding of the difficult situation facing the Cuban people due to the embargo imposed by the Americans against Liberty Island.

Separately, Diaz-Canel thanked Russia for the provision of humanitarian and food aid, as well as for its support during the pandemic, when Moscow handed over equipment for the production of medical oxygen to the republic. “All of this was done with absolute selflessness and with great dedication on the part of those who came to support us. This is how, in the most difficult times, true friendship is shown,” said the leader. Cuban.

About BRICS and dedollarization

Diaz-Canel also noted the important role of the BRICS in international affairs. He pointed out that the aggressive and hegemonic policy of the United States is at the heart of global international relations. According to the Cuban president, Washington is engaged in “building walls, imposing sanctions, blackmail, aggression and slander”.

“In the economic field, this hegemony is expressed in the total control of the world economy by the American government, the IMF and the World Bank, which creates enormous uncertainty as to the means of solving the world problems”, underlined Diaz-Canel. view of the current situation and declared that “the completely unjust and anti-democratic international economic order”.

“I believe that the BRICS offer an excellent alternative to economic integration, especially for developing economies, the poorest countries, the so-called third world countries, the countries of the South. Because the BRICS, above all, defend multipolarity in relations,” he said. expressed his attitude towards the Cuban leader of the integration group. He also stressed that Cuba recognizes the crucial role played by Russia in achieving a multipolar world – these, he said, are the principles that the BRICS stand for. “The BRICS countries represent partnerships in economic and commercial relations between countries, relations that strengthen peace and guarantee international security. Therefore, I think it is a very suitable space for third world countries, to developing countries. That’s more or less is the BRICS political concept,” Diaz-Canel said.

The Cuban leader also did not ignore the growing popularity of the subject of abandoning the dollar in international payments. According to him, this represents a more just order.

“What does the rejection of the dollar mean in trade and economic relations? First of all, the rejection of the dollar creates the basis for relations that are more inclusive and more favorable to the integration of the economies of a whole group of countries,” said the President of Cuba defined the prospects of dedollarization and expressed his confidence that thanks to it it will be possible to avoid the sanctions imposed by the United States against the banking sector. As an example of such restrictions, he cited the most well-known example – the US blockade against Cuba, which, among other things, results in a ban on financial transactions in dollars.

“I believe that Cuba must be integrated into the new system of economic relations. It must be able to participate in it,” summed up the Cuban president of the approach to Havana.

About NATO and China

“We condemn and do not accept the enlargement of NATO to the borders of Russia. We strongly condemn all the sanctions that have been applied as coercive measures against the Russian Federation,” Diaz-Canel reaffirmed the Cuban position.

“China, like Russia, is of great concern to the United States because it plays an important role on the international stage. Both states are powers that uphold a different international economic order. They uphold multipolarity, uphold peace and respect among peoples,” he told Cuban leader.

“Therefore, the Americans are unleashing an information war and carrying out an aggressive policy against Russia and China, seeking ways to discredit and discredit them,” the Cuban president said. Diaz-Canel pointed to Taiwan as one such means, and also recalled that “everything that is happening with Taiwan right now is interference in the internal affairs of the PRC.”

“Cuba condemns the interference in China’s internal affairs. We condemn, express our concern and regard as hostile the military presence of the United States and its allies in the Taiwan Strait, which are trying to start a conflict in the region. Cuba supports China, its right to reunification and the right to defend the concept of a united China”, – the Cuban leader described Havana’s approach.

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