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Friday, September 22, 2023


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Foreign AffairsDoes he do it? Small weapon disguised in Taiwan could deter Chinese fleet

Does he do it? Small weapon disguised in Taiwan could deter Chinese fleet

In anticipation of a war in the South China Sea, Taiwan continues to ramp up its drone industry, as well as importing drones and cutting-edge technology from its ally Washington.

Taiwan prepares to receive orders for its drones by July 2023; Which reflects the superiority he has achieved in his industry.

Commenting on Sky News Arabia, a military expert and political analyst does not rule out that these planes will affect Beijing’s plans to impose a naval blockade on Taiwan, should it decide to invade, listing the reasons, calling this weapon a “puzzle in the head of China.”

Drones have become an effective weapon in all hotspots of the world, having demonstrated destructive, spy and concealment capabilities that major weapons are unable to do.

What does the Taiwanese army have?

Since the broadcast of a video deemed “humiliating” in Taiwan, in August 2022, of Taiwanese soldiers throwing stones at a flying Chinese drone to ward off its danger; Indicating that they had nothing to deter it, Taipei decided to deploy defense systems with drones, and allocated $1.5 billion for it.

At the last military exhibition in Taiwan, 8 domestically-made drones were displayed for surveillance and precision operations.

Taiwan has: The Albatross aircraft is capable of monitoring missions for up to 16 hours and tracking navy ships using artificial intelligence. Chen Xiang’s suicide plane is a one-time use that targets infrastructure, individuals, and gatherings. The Cardinal 3UAVK, a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, is designed to monitor activities along the coast. Luiitring Mountain UVA, Taiwan’s most dangerous drone; Because it is equipped with a warhead capable of targeting individuals and vehicles.

American extension

In addition to local manufacturing, Washington provides Taiwan with MQ-9 drones and the MQ-9B SkyGuardian aircraft, and its benefits include: High continuous surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. Each can fly under satellite control for more than 40 hours, even in adverse weather conditions. Supports electronic warfare, airborne early warning and anti-submarine warfare.

Who wins?

Above all, military expert Jamal Al-Rifai replies that the owner of the advanced technology in the manufacture of steps “will always prevail”.

In Al-Rifai’s words, Taiwanese marches may be a ‘puzzle in China’s head,’ after Taiwan possessed cutting-edge technology and developed systems capable of hitting submarines under water. What helps to break the naval blockade Al-Rifai denies the importance of the marches, expecting them to become the center of war industries: Reduce human casualties and perform required tasks with up to 90% accuracy. Recognition, surveillance and attack simultaneously. High capabilities in the implementation of electronic warfare. Its production cost is cheap with light weight. High abilities to hide from radars and jamming; Which means that most air defenses are ineffective against him. Hit targets above and below the water. Moscow and Washington were forced to develop air defense systems specifically to counter suicide marches.

Sudden gang war

Jasser Matar, an international relations expert, believes that if the China-Taiwan war breaks out, marches will be the focus, especially from Taiwan.

He agrees with Al-Rifai that these planes will help “break through any naval blockade”, comparing the war on the march to “guerrilla warfare that relies on surprise, concealment and evasion, and China could face problems at because of the fleet that Taiwan has”.

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