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Friday, September 22, 2023


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WorldAsiahow volunteers from all over Russia are helping NWO participants

how volunteers from all over Russia are helping NWO participants

Volunteers from all over the country collect aid for participants in a special military operation. Some they buy and some they make themselves. So, for example, a doctor and a teacher from Chelyabinsk sat down in front of a sewing machine. Igor Shvorak invented the permanently worn harness system. They can stop bleeding in 10 seconds.

Since the beginning of the year, Igor Ivanovich has sent about half a thousand such systems to the front line. Each is capable of saving the lives of fighters.

“In the second second you can already start to stop the bleeding. In 10 seconds the bleeding will stop and the person will lose minimal blood. It is fundamentally important that a person has lost 300-400 milliliters of blood – this is a recovery option. If a person has lost a liter – one and a half, recovery is much more difficult, ”explains the inventor.

In Rostov-on-Don, on the basis of the MB Grekov Art School, the production of camouflage nets was created. Worked by students, teachers and volunteers. Not a single set was sent to the special operation area. When the needs of the combatants are not met, the missing quantity is purchased with the funds raised.

In Novosibirsk, volunteers buy all-terrain vehicles, load them with optics, equipment, thermal imagers, walkie-talkies and go to the NVO zone on their own.

“It’s always a great joy to come to fellow countrymen. And today we finally arrived in Novosibirsk. This is the 19th separate detachment of the Yermak special unit, to which we brought gifts, ”said volunteer Alexei Nosov on the spot.

Assistance is provided at the Special Military Operation area, even for service dogs.

“Our company has developed and manufactured a special anti-fragmentation body armor for service dogs. We have been approached by servicemen who have several service dogs in their units, including a very famous dog with the callsign of call “Bandit”, says a representative of the company.

The bandit will soon receive an updated “form”. According to the creators, such a body armor is able to protect against fragments the size of a finger phalanx, and is also equipped with pockets for a first aid kit and ammunition.

Previously, “Star” once told about a dog named “Bandit”. The animal was brought to the frontline by a Marine from the Pacific Fleet with the call sign “Yary”. They take the dog with them to the most dangerous areas. It has become everyone’s favorite.

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