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Thursday, September 28, 2023


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NewsInternational leaders: We trust the UAE to deliver important results at COP28

International leaders: We trust the UAE to deliver important results at COP28

International officials have described the UAE as a pioneer in addressing climate challenges, advancing international efforts to promote sustainable development pathways and combining, in a balanced way, economic development, social progress and Environmental Protection.

They commended the exceptional experience of Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al-Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technologies, and President-designate of the COP28 conference in promoting global climate action, based on his great experience in the fields of energy, climate and various sustainability which constitute a driving force for the success of the activities of COP28.

Engineer Mohamed Hamel, Secretary General of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum “GECF” – whose members include 12 countries and 5 countries as observers – affirmed his full support for the United Arab Emirates to host the COP28 conference of by the end of this year, expressing confidence that the UAE will make progress during the event. A resounding success in terms of outstanding organization and achieving significant and tangible results in the future of climate action.

He said the UAE is a pioneer in the fight against climate change, promoting practical financial and technological solutions for sustainable development and the balanced combination between economic development, social progress and environmental protection. , referring to the exceptional experience of the President-designate of the COP28 Conference of Parties on climate action and sustainability.

In turn, Joseph McMonigle, secretary general of the International Energy Forum, the world’s largest gathering of energy ministers, whose members include 72 countries from around the world, said the UAE has a footprint clear in promoting climate and environmental action efforts around the world.

He added that Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technologies and President-Elect of the COP28 conference, helped establish the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company “Masdar” 17 years ago, which is today become one of the largest investors in the field of wind and solar energy.

The Secretary General of the International Energy Forum noted that Dr Sultan Al-Jaber is an expert on climate-related talks, where he served as the UAE’s climate envoy from 2010, and his appointment to the presidency of the COP28 conference reflects the recognition that the energy industry can play a leading role in managing climate action, being able to lead international efforts to set ambitious targets for action and ensure their implementation.

The International Energy Forum has declared the United Arab Emirates the first country in the region to sign and ratify the Paris Agreement, and the first country to commit to reducing emissions across all sectors. economic. It is also the first country to announce its strategic plan initiative to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, as a catalyst for low-carbon economic growth. , creates new technologies, sectors, skills and jobs, and is the first country to adopt the biodiversity targets.

Engineer Jamal Issa Al-Loughani, Secretary General of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC), highlighted the role played by the United Arab Emirates in strengthening global efforts to address climate challenges and achieve climate change. energy sustainability by hosting the Conference of the Parties. to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) during the month of November 2023.

Al-Loughani said on the sidelines of his participation in the Arab Climate Change Cooperation Conference held in the State of Kuwait that the UAE is a pioneer in its strategic initiatives to reduce emissions and to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. emissions, to reduce global warming by 1.5% to 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels.

He pointed out that the UAE had started implementing around 14 projects, with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, under the Clean Projects Mechanism, with the total annual reduction estimated at around one. million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, noting that the UAE has launched several programs to increase energy efficiency, They also announced a hydrogen leadership roadmap at the COP26 summit in Glasgow 2021.

He added that the UAE is currently developing a massive carbon dioxide capture and storage project in the city of Abu Dhabi, and encourages support for the trend towards a low-carbon green economy transformation. , developing a strategy and roadmap for green hydrogen in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates recently launched a long-term strategy to transform transport. Public sector, to net zero emissions by 2050, and reduce carbon footprint in all its activities, to keep pace with its efforts to achieve climate neutrality and to move from the stage of promises to the stage of achievements, in line with its strategic vision of sustainable development.

The African Petroleum Producers Organization (APPO) has commended the UAE’s tremendous efforts to make COP28 a comprehensive platform for all global energy players to chart a practical and realistic path forward. a successful energy transition.

The organization referred to the efforts of the President-designate of the Conference of the Parties, COP28, to shape the path of clean energy in the United Arab Emirates, and the concern to communicate and directly access various actors in the field of clean energy. global energy and environmental work. , to contribute to the preparatory work for COP28.

The 18-country Pan African Energy Organization hosted a COP28 team at the Organization of American National Petroleum Centers Forum meeting in Algiers, where discussions focused on how to accelerate the decarbonization and adoption of clean energy technologies.

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