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Friday, September 22, 2023


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NewsThe beating of the paramedic in Belgorod, the fish plague in Udmurtia and the death of people from sulfuric...

The beating of the paramedic in Belgorod, the fish plague in Udmurtia and the death of people from sulfuric acid in the Volgograd region. Regional News

In the Vavozhsky district of Udmurtia, the fish died en masse, in Bashkiria they decided to demolish the houses of Khrushchev and other old houses, and in the Volgograd region four men were poisoned with acid sulfuric. Russian media has compiled a summary of important and high-profile regional events.

Belgorod region

A citizen of Belgorod beat a paramedic who refused to help his deceased father. According to the information bel.ru The 33-year-old attacker had already been convicted. The paramedics, who arrived at the call, declared the patient dead and did not begin to carry out resuscitation. Then the man beat one of the doctors.

Perm region

A mobile application for tourists will be created in Prikamye. According properm.ru , the service will provide information about events in honor of the anniversary of Perm, as well as about tourist routes and interesting places in the region. More than 11 million rubles will be invested in the development of the application.

Republic of Udmurtia

In the Vavozhsky district of Udmurtia, a mass death of fish occurred in the Vala River due to the discharge of waste. The state of emergency was placed under the control of the prosecutor’s office, Rosprirodnadzor and the Interior Ministry, reports udm-info.ru expert appraisals are underway, the results of which will determine the extent of the damage caused to the environment.

Republic of Tatarstan

Top executives of Timer-Bank JSC extended their prison term for two years. As transmits inkazan.ru , a former board member and former chairman of the bank’s board, were sentenced to 3.3 and 3.2 years in prison. The court found them guilty of embezzlement of 935 million rubles.

Volgograd region

Three residents of the Volgograd region were poisoned to death by sulfuric acid fumes. According to the publication newsvolgograda.ru , a 38-year-old resident of the area decided to clear the blockage in the sewer pipe. She decided to do it with sulfuric acid and turned to her roommate for help. After the acid entered the sewers, a chemical reaction began which poisoned the man and three other people who came to help him. Only one of the victims was saved. Law enforcement has opened a criminal investigation into the incident.

Omsk region

At night, a three-year-old boy without clothes came to one of the stores in Omsk. According to the publication gorod55.ru , the child’s mother was placed in preventive care. In addition to the baby, two other children are growing up in the family.


The government of the Republic of Bashkortostan plans to demolish Khrushchev’s houses, as well as low-rise and wooden apartment buildings that were built before 1991. These activities are carried out with the aim of developing the territories, reports mkset.ru . The project was prepared by the regional ministry of construction and architecture. Now MKDs with a depreciation of more than 50% are subject to demolition, the cost of repair being estimated at 10% more than the cost of resettling the inhabitants of the house. Also being demolished are emergency houses and buildings to which communications are not connected.


Lightning struck an S7 airliner flying on the Krasnoyarsk-Novosibirsk route. As written atas.info, “the crew minimized the consequences of the incident” and the plane landed safely at the port of destination. According to the crew members, the lightning strike passed very close to the aircraft.

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