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Sunday, October 1, 2023


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Pink PageUnemployment, Accidents, Drugs and Murder - Superman's Curse

Unemployment, Accidents, Drugs and Murder – Superman’s Curse

Many, some say oddly many, of actors who have played the superhero Superman have had bad luck after tackling the role.

Therefore, over time, rumors began to spread about the curse of Superman, and no one who wore the famous costume was exempt from it. And it certainly can’t be denied that there are plenty of actors who have been through it all, from seeing their careers die to die.

Both are actors who’ve played Superman on the big screen and on TV, but even those who only lent their voices to Superman don’t seem exempt from the curse.
Kirk Alyn

Kirk Alyn

Kirk Alyn voiced Superman in two cheaply produced soap operas in the 1950s. After the shows collapsed in popularity and ceased production, Alyn found no work anywhere as an actor. He has always been labeled as “the cheap Superman”.

Alyn envisioned, albeit with difficulty, voice acting as well as occasional supporting roles in movies and shows no one remembers.

His biggest role, after his days as Superman, was, oddly enough, in a Superman movie. He played Lois Lane’s father in the first of four Superman films made in 1978 starring Christopher Reeve.

It seemed appropriate to offer him the role.

Kirk Alyn died of Alzheimer’s disease in 1999, aged 88.

bud necklace

Bud Collyer was the voice of Superman from 1941 to 1943, which was the first cartoon series made about Superman. He had a promising career after that, but little more than that and Collyer’s star hit his peak when he hosted a game show called To Tell the Truth.

He again lends his voice to Superman in a CBS animated series in 1966, but dies suddenly of a heart attack three years later, at only 61 years old.
George Reeves

George Reeves

George Reeves played Superman in the 1951 film Superman and the Mole Men. He also starred in the Adventures of Superman television series.

In many ways, he was the only true Superman. In fact, his name and face were so associated with Superman that he wasn’t offered a role after he hung up the costume. The answer was always the same – Reeves was and would only be Superman in the public eye.

On June 16, 1959, days before his wedding, Reeves was found dead from a gunshot wound. Beside him sat his gun. He was 45 and there were no signs of depression in his demeanor, but he was really looking forward to marriage.

The death was ruled a suicide, but there were, and still are, many who question that decision.

For example, Reeves’ fingerprints were nowhere to be found on the gun, or no fingerprints at all. There were also bullet holes in the walls and floor, and an empty casing was found under the body. Reeves and his fiancée had a lively date when he died, and most of the witnesses were extremely drunk and of little help when the police arrived.
George Reeves

Reeves had been having an affair with actress Toni Mannix, the wife of one of MGM’s top executives, Eddie Mannix. Reeves had broken off the relationship and Toni didn’t take it well, to say the least. A lot of people would like to think that Toni actually shot Reeves, but the opposite is that she was completely inconsolable after his death.

Others say Reeves’ fiancée Leonore Lemmon killed him, but she must have been incredibly jealous, and they had a heated argument, among other things, over her jealousy the night before. Leonore vanished from Hollywood, and even from California, just days after Reeves’ death.
Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve is probably the most famous example of the so-called curse.

In 1978, he played Superman in a movie that went on to spawn three sequels, and in the eyes of at least three generations, Reeve is and will be Superman. Although he was never a particular Superman fan himself, he had watched the TV shows where George Reeves played the hero.

Christopher Reeve was so compelling in his superhero role that he struggled to land roles in other films. In 1995, while riding, he fell off his horse. He broke his neck and was paralyzed below the neck. He could not breathe without help and was therefore dependent on a ventilator and a wheelchair. In almost a few years, her courage and vitality in a difficult struggle for life has attracted much attention and admiration from the rest of the world.
Reeve with his wife, Dana, who also died at an advanced age.

After the accident, he acted in several films, as well as directing. He was an active advocate for research in the field of spinal cord injury and founded a research center that worked on this research, which his children are now responsible for. He died in 2004 of heart failure at the age of 52. Two years later, his widow, Dana Reeve, died of lung cancer, but had never smoked. She was 44 years old.
Lee Quigley as Superman as a child. It is run by the great actor Marlon Brando.

Lee Quigley

Lee Quigley played Superman as a child in the 1978 film. He died in 1991, aged just 14, from solvent inhalation.

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