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Friday, September 22, 2023


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NewsBritish doctor reveals failure of medical schools to psychologically prepare students

British doctor reveals failure of medical schools to psychologically prepare students

The book, which bears the name “Bleep Test”, showed a significant gap in the preparation of psychiatric students to deal with the psychological pressures to which they are exposed in the exercise of the profession.

shocking surprise

A dangerous opinion and ideas that some might find strange and surprising, after the young doctor broke his silence and revealed in his book that he talks about the shortcomings in the preparation of psychiatry graduates for the practice of the profession, and that the theories of medical books are far from being the reality of application within hospitals and medical centers.

He was shocked to discover that he had to care for dying patients, that he had to make decisions under the pressure of exhaustion and sometimes deal with terrible emotional situations, and that all of this he had no idea. not read in medical books.

And while we see doctors as bringing us healing, they are affected by factors such as emotions or exhaustion, all of which put patients’ lives at risk. Therefore, according to the opinion of doctors, the thoughts and emotions of young doctors should not be neglected, as they are essential for increasing the efficiency of medical personnel.

An opinion survey reveals that 40% of young doctors plan to leave the profession in the event of regaining a job, as the psychological pressure to describe many of them is unbearable.

“The book brought back many memories, even for me personally, of 15 years ago when I started my medical journey,” Dr. Abdul Karim Akziz, an epidemiologist and research associate at King’s College University, told Sabah, “Sky News Arabia.”

Young doctors are not ready for practical life, most of the medical course focuses on theoretical and technical aspects. For me and my colleagues, the biggest nightmare is who will tell the patient’s family, either of the incidents of death, or that the patient was quadriplegic, for example, or of those matters that greatly affect people’s lives. There are things like fatigue, psychological pressure or communication problems, which young doctors often try. The medical systems do not help the young doctor to achieve this balance between his personal life as a human being, both his emotions and his feelings, and the personal impact of the incidents he witnesses on a daily basis. I offer a few solutions, including the need to form a team that enjoys everyone’s personal benefits, the need for teamwork, mutual respect between the team, and an emphasis on communication skills.

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