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Monday, September 25, 2023


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NewsLive broadcast .. Watch the "villages" of the Jordanian crown prince

Live broadcast .. Watch the “villages” of the Jordanian crown prince

The list included more than 4,000 Jordanians, representatives of the sons and daughters of Jordanian society, official, popular, trade union and partisan activities, civil society organizations, young people, former and current state officials , as well as a number of employees of the armed forces. security forces and services, active and retired, as well as a number of media professionals and Jordanian journalists.

According to Jordanian traditions, the party hosted by the groom’s family is called “Iqra” or “village”, which is the food for the groom’s guests on the wedding night.


The royal dinner will be served, according to Jordanian traditions, the most famous traditional national dish of Jordan, “Mansaf”, which has recently been included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO.

The Jordanian Royal Family is famous for its closeness to the Jordanian people and its devotion to Jordanian customs in its joys and occasions, and showcases the ancient Jordanian heritage and the diversity of Jordanian national cultures and traditions of the Honorable Hashemite House .

phone cards

Earlier, the Jordanians passed on the invitation cards they received to attend the dinner as an expression of their pleasure at the invitation.

Among the most prominent of them was the young Jordanian Musab Hussein Mahmoud, who suffers from “Down’s syndrome”, who stole the show after receiving an invitation to attend the dinner banquet on the occasion of the marriage contract, which praised the prince’s humanitarian gesture.

The young man, Musab, posted a photo of himself on Instagram, holding the invitation card he received to attend the wedding ceremony, and the lines of happiness were clear on his face. The card read: “His Excellency Mr. Musab Hussein Mahmoud, the respected ones.”

It should be noted that Prince Al-Hussein visited him two years ago at his home in the northern governorate of Irbid, to check on his health condition after he underwent a successful operation to remove fluids from the lungs.

Dinner Live Stream

And the Jordanian Royal Court released a statement in which it said it would broadcast a live broadcast of the dinner banquet through its social media pages at 6 p.m.

And the statement said: “Follow today, on the social media accounts of the Royal Hashemite Court, the dinner hosted by King Abdullah II on the occasion of the wedding of Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II, the Crown Prince, to Mudarib Bani Hashem at six o’clock. evening hours.

This gesture comes for the Jordanians to share all the details related to the wedding, given the closeness of the Jordanian Royal Palace to the Jordanian people, who generally share all the family occasions with them, either through press releases or via the royal family social media accounts.

“Iqra” in Jordanian marriage

The banquet held on the occasion of marriage is an old Jordanian custom which Jordanians inherit from generation to generation, and they adhere to it in their celebrations, and they call it “Iqra”.

The “Iqra” is usually on the day of the wedding, when the groom’s family prepares the food (the Jordanian mansaf) and sends it to the clan and the guests present and responding to the invitation of the groom’s father, the “single”.

Recently, Jordanians have started to separate the “Al-Iqra” from the official wedding and do it a day before the official wedding due to the high activity and exhaustion of the newlyweds. Attendance the following day, the “wedding day”, is limited to close guests, and other dishes are also prepared for attendees.

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