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Monday, September 25, 2023


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NewsLive stream .. Watch the wedding ceremony of the Jordanian crown prince

Live stream .. Watch the wedding ceremony of the Jordanian crown prince

Sources close to the Jordanian palace revealed to ‘Sky News Arabia’ the details of the wedding, as they said the marriage contract, which will be held at the Zahran Al-Amer Palace, will bring together around 140 guests, including members of the Hashemite family. , members of royal families of friendly and brotherly countries, invited leaders and heads of state and the family of Mrs. Rajawa.

The sources pointed out that the Imam of the Hashemite Presence, Dr. Ahmed Al-Khalayleh, will oversee the wedding ceremony, pointing out that he previously oversaw Princess Iman’s wedding ceremony in March this year.

The concert program

The ceremony begins with the arrival of King Abdullah II and Queen Rania Al Abdullah, to begin receiving and greeting the guests of the ceremony, accompanied by the music of the armed forces, before the arrival of Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II, Heir prince.

The King, Queen and Crown Prince will join guests on the garden terrace of Zahran Palace, where the wedding will take place.

Entrance of the bride

Meanwhile, Miss Rajwa Khaled Al-Saif, accompanied by Prince Hashem bin Abdullah II, arrives at the palace to begin the wedding ceremony.

The red procession

After completing the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds, surrounded by a red procession, will go to the Husseiniya Palace, walking through a number of streets of the capital decorated with flags and demonstrations of joy on this occasion.

Arrival at Al-Hussainiya Palace

When the red convoy arrives at Husseiniya Palace, they will be greeted by another group of horsemen, honor guards, silent infantry, armed forces musicians and a Circassian honor guard.

After that, the newlyweds will be escorted to the outdoor reception area, accompanied by a military wedding performed by the Jordanian Armed Forces Band, passing through the Arch of Swords.

On the other hand, knowledgeable sources have confirmed to “Sky News Arabia” that the Jordanian Armed Forces music group, in addition to artists Omar Al-Abdullat and Muhammad Abdo, will perform a joint song representing Jordanian and Saudi cultures, and the two of the artists will participate in the wedding ceremony as soon as the bride and groom enter.

The newlyweds then walk through the courtyard in the middle of a traditional Jordanian wedding.

More than 1,700 guests

From the podium, King Abdullah II, Queen Rania Al Abdullah and Mrs. Rajwa’s parents join to greet the more than 1,700 guests present.

The rest of the evening will witness a variety of performances by local artists and musicians, including Mohammed Abdo and Omar Al-Abdullat, and folk groups.

King and Queen Rania Al Abdullah will host an official dinner after the reception at Al Husseiniya Palace.

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