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Friday, September 29, 2023


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Newspros and cons of life after divorce

pros and cons of life after divorce

RuNews24 made a list of the pros and cons of life after a divorce.

Objectively, there are enough negative consequences. Most often they are expressed in the following paragraphs:

— Stress. Due to their natural secrecy, men often hide their emotions and experiences in themselves, which can lead to mental disorders, including depression. This is due to the fact that they do not express their feelings and emotions on an equal basis with women.

– Separation from children. Despite the fact that fathers often hide their feelings and emotions, they also miss their children a lot, no less than mothers. It is very difficult for them not to see their children every day, this is a serious test.

— Change of identification and new conditions. Although divorce is not always a devastating effect, the transition from the status of the head of the family to the “divorced man” is often very difficult. It also refers to the loss of a habitual way of life, in which there was a common housing, social circle and family traditions.

Men: the benefits of divorce

Divorce has its main positive side – it is freedom. In some cases, women in family relationships feel restrictions on their freedom, which are not always justified.

They want to meet friends once a week, not stay late at work and pursue their hobbies, which are not always supported. While this doesn’t happen all the time, it does happen quite often.

– Freedom of relationships: After a divorce, a man gets the opportunity to expand his social circle, meet new friends, women and like-minded people, and no longer limit himself to this.

– Freedom from opinions: If earlier a man felt dependent on the opinions and views of his ex-wife’s relatives, then after a divorce this moment ceases to exist. Now a man is a free man who makes decisions himself and does not depend on the opinions of the people around him.

Women: cons of divorce

— Uncertainty. After a divorce, starting life again from scratch can be very difficult, especially for women. This test can be even more difficult for them.

– Difficulties with self-esteem. Divorce often causes women to doubt their own attractiveness.

– Financial difficulties. In most cases, after a divorce, the child remains with the mother, who has to almost independently raise him. If a woman did not work and was a housewife, then providing for herself becomes even more difficult.

Women: the benefits of divorce

And yet, there are plenty of positives too.

– Free time. It increases significantly in the absence of family household chores.

– Free opinion. Now there is no need to consult with her husband or depend on his opinion on certain issues.

– There is an opportunity to devote more time to yourself and your career, as well as getting an incentive for career growth and increased earnings.

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