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Thursday, September 28, 2023


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WorldAsiaRelations between India and China are becoming 'difficult' - Rahul Gandhi. | Relations between India and...

Relations between India and China are becoming ‘difficult’ – Rahul Gandhi. | Relations between India and China are becoming ‘difficult’

Stanford (California). Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that China cannot impose anything on India and that relations between India and China are not easy, they are becoming “difficult”.

The Congress leader, who is on a three-city US tour, said this in response to a question from students on Wednesday night at the Stanford University campus in California. How will the relationship be, how do you see it.

In response to this, the Congress leader said, “It is difficult now. I mean they have occupied some of our territory. These are difficult, they are not so easy. ”””’ He said, ” Nothing can be imposed on India. Nothing like this is going to happen.” India and China have been locked in a standoff in eastern Ladakh for three years.

In June 2020, relations became extremely tense after violent clashes between the soldiers of the two countries in the Galvan Valley of eastern Ladakh. India’s stand is that bilateral relations cannot be normalized until there is peace in the border areas. During a conversation at Stanford University, Rahul sought to maintain ties with Russia in the backdrop of the Ukraine war despite pressure from Western countries. supported India’s policy.

The Congress leader was asked whether he supports India’s neutral stand on Russia, to which he said, “We have relations with Russia, we have some dependencies on Russia.” So my stand is the same as that of the Government of India. He said that ultimately India will have to look at its own interests as India is a big country where it will normally have relations with other countries.

The Congress leader said it is not so small and dependent that it has relations with only one and not with anyone else. Clarifying his point, he said, “We will always have this type of relationship. With some people we will have better relations, with some we will have relations. So there is that kind of balance.”Rahul supported strong ties between India and the US, while also underlining the need for manufacturing and collaboration between the two countries in emerging areas such as data and artificial intelligence (AI). He said that it is not enough to focus only on the aspect of security and defense in these bilateral relations.

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